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As organizations put customers at the center of their business strategies, they need to be quick to recognize and act on the right consumer signals. Our consumer research services can help you capture these signals effectively and determine how to best reach them, connect them to your brand, and retain them.

For over 20 years, we have worked with global brands in delivering consumer behavior analysis and insights to support new market entry, product and service development, brand communications, and customer experience management. We conduct a variety of B2B and B2C consumer research studies on a local and global scale. Depending on your objectives, we use one or more quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including online surveys, telephonic interviews, and focus group discussions, to deliver the most cogent results.

From identifying lucrative customer segments, fine-tuning your marketing strategies, and understanding customer behaviors at each step of the purchase journey, to measuring awareness and testing concepts, you can rely on our consumer insights to build a sustained competitive advantage.

Our Consumer Research Services include

Customer segmentation

Understand different consumer segments and buyer personas, and create strategies that effectively cater to their needs.

User research

Get a nuanced view of the customer’s decision-making journey, their awareness levels, preferences, behavior, and motivators to help you build products they will love.

Concept testing

Define the market viability of new concepts, evaluate how they perform against competing products, and assess customers’ adoption willingness.

Customer satisfaction research

Meet consumer needs and expectations by uncovering factors influencing brand loyalty, advocacy, and repeat purchases.

Brand tracking

Benchmark your brand and compare it to your competitors to see how it performs on key brand health metrics such as awareness, recall, recognition, identity, and trust.

Campaign effectiveness studies

Test the effectiveness of your brand’s messaging on consumers to maximize campaign results and reduce iterations.

Pricing intelligence

Gain a competitive advantage with our large-scale web and mobile app data collection capability across multiple marketplaces and single-brand retail webstores.

Sentiment analysis

Leverage the power of advanced social listening tools, always-on monitoring, and experienced analysts who offer actionable insights and recommendations.

Buyer journey analysis

Get a holistic perspective of your customer’s experience, including their needs, pain points, and triggers, at various touch points of the purchase journey.

Assortment intelligence

Track product availability and brand ranking at scale across marketplaces. Be the first to identify trends and act on consumer demand, understand your competitive landscape, and optimize product assortments accordingly.

Netscribes’ Consumer Research Services leverage traditional and innovative methods to provide a 360-degree perspective of consumers.

We collaborate with insight teams worldwide to answer fundamental questions surrounding the ‘what?’, ‘why?’, and ‘so what?’ of consumer behavior.

consumer research

Custom research

Bespoke consumer insights that address your organization’s unique business questions.

Global panel network

Global panel network

Ability to conduct consumer research in over 80 countries and in multiple languages.

Multiple data sources

Multiple data sources

We leverage qualitative and quantitative research, as well as unstructured data sources such as social media and public web data.

Research  Data analytics

Research + Data analytics

Technology-driven research and analytics solutions that deliver faster and more accurate insights.

Data visualization

Data visualization

Obtain insights that matter most and make speedy decisions through effective communication of insights.

That’s not all. From consumer research to estimating your best branding foot ahead, we’ve got more under our belt.

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