Through the consumer’s eyes: How eye tracking analysis influences packaging

eye tracking analysis

The average human eye retains an image for approximately 1/16 of a second, aligning with the brain’s ability to process around 12 images per second. This limited duration of visual perception highlights the rapid pace at which our brain and eyes work together to process visual information. Eye tracking technology typically enables the measurement and analysis of eye movements and gaze patterns. It provides valuable insights into how individuals interact with visual stimuli, such as products, advertisements, or interfaces. By tracking eye movements, researchers can understand what draws a person’s attention, how they process visual information, and their emotional and cognitive responses.

In the case of the American multinational consumer goods corporation mentioned, Netscribes offered eye-tracking solutions to help achieve specific objectives. The objectives included identifying customer interactions with the brand’s products at a retail store, optimizing product placement, promotions, packaging, and shelf placement for increased customer conversion, and gaining a deeper understanding of the customer buying journey and persona for better marketing outcomes.

To collect eye-tracking data, Netscribes employed a systematic process. Participants were selected, and their eye movements were tracked while they interacted with the products. The data collection process involved initial shelf exposure, product selection, design close-ups, product decision-making, and exit surveys. This approach allowed for capturing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Netscribes utilized advanced eye tracking technology, specifically Tobii eye trackers, to collect eye movement data. The collected data was then processed using a customized tool that generated various plots and visualizations, such as gaze plots, fixation points, and pupil diameter trend analysis. These plots helped identify key trends, areas of focus, and patterns in participants’ eye movements.

The data analysis process involved segregating the eye-tracking data and video data. The eye-tracking data was processed to generate fixation points, saccades, and gaze plots, providing insights into participants’ visual attention. The video data, on the other hand, was analyzed by tagging and identifying objects of interest.

The processed eye-tracking data and video data were then mapped together to generate comprehensive intelligence. Our team of analysts and experts studied the psychometric data and plots to provide actionable insights. These insights included visibility metrics, such as the percentage of participants who noticed the product packaging during a 5-second exposure and the average time it took for participants to see the design. Heatmaps and gaze plots provided information on product findability, and a saccade view of design close-ups helped assess package appeal and purchase intent.

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By leveraging our eye-tracking technology solution, the consumer goods corporation gained real data and insights into customer behavior. These insights enabled them to strategically improve their marketing campaigns, identify opportunities for product development and innovation, and ultimately enhance their understanding of customer preferences and decision-making processes.

In summary, Netscribes’ eye-tracking approach enabled the collection and analysis of eye movement data, providing valuable insights to optimize marketing strategies and product placement and uncover new opportunities. Armed with this powerful tool, we help businesses make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition in the current dynamic market.

To know how you can use consumer insights to maximize market opportunity, gain a deeper customer perspective, and fine-tune your future product strategies, contact us.

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