Case Studies

Online collaboration portal

Online collaboration portal for a large conglomerate

Looking to streamline communication and collaboration among their legal operations, a large conglomerate with over 65 member firms approached Netscribes for a solution. Lawyers and company secretaries spread across geographies were ...

Market assessment for clothing brand

Market assessment of contract management for a leading clothing brand

  For clothing brands to understand their target customers and identify the latest trends and consumer preferences in the retail and fashion industry, a constant assessment of the market is highly crucial. Our client, a leading...

fitness equipment

A comprehensive brand’s performance assessment for a global fitness equipment major

Identifying what makes your brand unique is the first step in strategically gaining a positioning edge over your rivals. Our client, a leading home fitness equipment provider, with a global presence, wanted to conduct a brand perfor...

Video image annotation support

Video and image annotation support for ADAS/AD in mobility

A leading global engineering and technology company specializing in mobility solutions needed video and image annotation support for its recently established technology division to develop autonomous vehicles. They sought assistance...

Energy drink brand data extraction and reporting- technology

Optimizing data extraction and reporting for a leading US energy drink brand

Seeking to streamline their data extraction techniques and reporting process and cut down the time it took to get actionable business insights, a US-based gaming and energy drink manufacturer was looking for a suitable solution prov...

fibre SMC

Market landscape analysis for Glass Fiber-SMC in the automotive sector

Sheet molding compounds (SMC) have been around since over half a century and have found varied automotive applications like body panels, pickup boxes, tonneau covers, front-end modules, cowling, air deflectors, underbody shields, ae...

gaming trends and market landscape analysis

In-depth analysis of emerging gaming trends and market landscape for a tech stalwart

With the world of gaming putting on new avatars thanks to the Metaverse, almost every business under the sun is eager to drive engagement through some form of gaming. A tech conglomerate of world-renown sought to create an insightfu...

Developing a robust content strategy

Developing a robust content strategy to support positioning revamp for global IT leader

If businesses want to stay customer-relevant, constantly aligning their positioning to address customer needs is crucial. Aiming to achieve this, a global IT leader whose solutions are aimed at enhancing engineering R&D, IT, and...

data analytics service leader

Providing thought leadership content support for a data analytics service leader

In an age where every business is competing for lasting buyer resonance, providing value-driven, strategic thought leadership content helps gain a solid advantage over your rivals. With this in mind and to boost their industry-wide ...

strategic marketing communications

Strengthening market position through strategic marketing communications

Pandemic-fueled disruptions compelled companies worldwide to develop quick and strategic marketing communications towards not only maintaining their brand image but also reinstating their position as industry leaders. In order to im...

buyer experience in the telecommunications industry

Providing a better buyer experience in the telecommunications industry

Providing relevant offerings to buyers at every stage of their journey requires a granular understanding of the B2B customer experience. With new technologies and market shifts shaping buyer expectations, B2B organizations, such as ...

product testing research for a global alcohol brand

Product testing research for a global alcohol brand

Entering a market with a new product can be daunting. In addition to existing competitors, a lack of customer knowledge and familiarity can pose the greatest challenge. Here’s where product testing research emerges as a crucial st...

Metaverse shopping adoption trends

A tech conglomerate examines Metaverse shopping adoption trends

“Now is the chance for brands to get ahead by embracing the digital future. Metaverse shopping adoption trends may seem like just another thing to do as part of digital transformation. Nevertheless, you should embrace the Metavers...

Pharmaceutical benchmarking

Pharmaceutical benchmarking to assess growth opportunities

With digital innovations and smart technologies in R&D taking the pharmaceutical industry by storm, it is now more important than ever to keep track of industry best practices and strategies.   A major international managem...

E2W and E3W market assessment case study

A leading two-wheeler manufacturer dives into E2W and E3W market assessment

Growth in the global E2W and E3W markets is accelerating. India offers the world’s largest untapped market in the E2W segment. It is growing at a nascent stage and accounts for less than 1% of the total 2W sales.   Falling b...


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