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content development strategy

How a tech stalwart’s content development strategy became a chapter in thought leadership

Uncover the real ask behind a tech giant’s transformative journey as their content development strategy unfolds into a captivating chapter in thought leadership. Understand how Netscribes elevated their approach, moving beyond...

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telecom sales intelligence

Leveraging sales intelligence for a multinational telco

The telecommunications landscape is at a crossroads. Competition is fierce, margins are thin, and customer expectations are skyrocketing. In this hyper-connected and data-driven era, gaining a strategic edge requires more than just ...

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Operational analytics in healthcare

Implementing operations analytics for a leading healthcare MNC

Organizations across industries are increasingly recognizing the vital role of data and analytics in driving operational excellence. Operational analytics, specifically, empowers businesses to gain deeper insights into their interna...

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data automation

Revolutionizing data collection automation through technology-enabled operation augmentation

Uncover the journey of a UK-based investment data leader as it transforms its data collection approach, revolutionizing financial insights in the alternative assets market. Faced with challenges in reliance on manual processes and s...

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document management system

Technology-enabled document management system for top supply chain management provider

In pursuit of elevating operational efficiency without expanding resources, a leading Utah-based supply chain management provider encountered a multifaceted challenge. To enhance throughput, they sought solutions for intricate proce...

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ecommerce omnichannel

Digital Renaissance – Elevating an omni-channel retailer’s e-commerce experience

Facing the threat of ecommerce dominance after a successful decade in offline retail, a major omnichannel retailer with its own website encountered challenges in expanding its product range and providing a seamless online shopping e...

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Product catalog creation

Revolutionizing product catalog content creation for the Middle East retail landscape

See how a retailer’s content creation process, where efficiency and scalability were the ultimate challenges, the firm sought a solution to address the extensive manual effort and quality issues in product catalog creation. Di...

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e-commerce product categorization

Revolutionizing ecommerce product categorization with LLM (GPT)

See how we addressed an e-commerce platform’s challenge of managing diverse product descriptions by implementing a solution leveraging the GPT 3.5 language model. The transformative approach streamlined model upgrades, reducin...

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assortment price gap analysis

Elevating competitiveness through assortment price gap analysis

In the relentless pursuit of enhancing daily orders, our client faced a formidable challenge in navigating the complex landscape of pricing and assortment strategies employed by competitors. With over 550 key Stock Keeping Units (SK...

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Video analytics for an energy drink brand

Effective video analytics solution for a US-based energy drink manufacturer

Influencer marketing thrives on social media influencers, and video analytics is essential for gauging campaign success by providing insights into viewer engagement and product visibility, enabling strategic optimization. Discover h...

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life insurance analysis

Analysis of life insurance purchase behavior to fuel growth strategy

In the dynamic landscape of the insurance industry, navigating the complexities of customer behavior, particularly in the wake of unprecedented changes brought about by COVID-19, posed a significant challenge. Our client, a prominen...

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fraud management

Reviving revenue and trust for a top e-commerce player with fraud management

A leading Indian e-commerce marketplace was confronted with a mounting challenge of e-commerce fraud management and returns, impacting revenue and customer trust. In response, we leveraged our seasoned research and retail insights t...

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e-commerce catalog compliance

Netscribes’ AI solution revolutionizes e-commerce catalog compliance for a top e-commerce player

A one-of-a-kind innovative ecommerce mammoth found it difficult to improve catalog quality and uniformity on their platform. Their objectives were to create an effective system for uploading catalogs, apply strict 3C (Completeness, ...

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e-commerce catalog score

Catalog scoring and quality seller support for an e-commerce marketplace

Our client, a non-profit Section 8 organization backed by the Government of India, aimed to create an open and trustworthy e-commerce ecosystem. They needed accurate, reliable product information while eliminating inappropriate cont...

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market opportunity assessment

Market opportunity assessment for sterile hospital equipment covers

A leading developer and manufacturer of surgical drapes and covers wanted to conduct a feasibility study for market penetration in a specific country. The firm wanted to identify its most profitable products by measuring demand acro...

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