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automotive sensor cleaning system

Sensor cleaning is very challenging and still in its nascency within the autonomous vehicle ecosystem. While in transit, AVs need to remain spotless since they rely on a range of sensors. By preventing situations in whic...

Miles Flamenbaum
CEO, Actasys
Sector: Automotive

The electric vehicle (EV) market in India is expected to hit over 63 lakh unit mark per annum by 2027, according to a report by the Indian Energy Storage Alliance (IESA). Between 2020 and 2027, the EV market is expected ...

Amit Das
Founder and CEO, Electric One
Sector: Automotive

“Think now, think virtual, think customized, think immersive.” – that’s the pitch metaverse is making to every savvy business under the sun. The global metaverse in retail and e-commerce market was valued at ...

Pavel Zaslavsky
General Manager, Lisuto AI
Sector: E-commerce & Retail

Micro-mobility is the ‘Model-T’ movement of our time and will change how we move around.  It is a key part of achieving net-zero emissions for transport. Moreover, industry players are actively seeking ways to grow ...

Daniil Pavliuchkov
Head of Product Growth at TIER Mobility
Sector: Automotive

Decades ago, owning a PlayStation or XBOX series meant setting up an ornate assortment of consoles, a television set, speakers, and a huge collection of game DVDs. Today, you can keep the nostalgia alive, for the next ph...

Soumyadeep Roy Chowdhury
Senior Manager, Market Intelligence
Sector: Technology

2021 witnessed a record sale of electric two-wheeler (E2W) vehicles in India. Over 2.4 lakh units were sold with a 132% growth. To add to this glory, 2022 is likely to see a 6x growth in E2W vehicle sales. Given an optim...

Amit Das
Founder and CEO, Electric One
Sector: Automotive

Narayanaswamy (Bala) Subramanian, Senior Manager – Innovation Insights and Strategy at Netscribes, discusses the inside-out of why conducting a prior art search holds value for innovators in an uber-competitive lan...

Narayanaswamy Subramanian
Senior Manager, Innovation Insights and Strategy, Netscribes
Sector: Technology

Change is the only constant. The pandemic brought with it several challenges, and companies that realized empathy in their communication with customers withstood uncertainty. For B2B marketers today, it’s ‘y...

Nedra Pereira
Head - Content and Digital Marketing, Netscribes
Sector: Marketing

What products should I keep, carry, or drop from my existing assortment? This is a persistent question on the minds of not just category managers at physical stores but e-commerce ones as well. Every seasoned e-commerce ...

Chaitanya Gadiyar
AVP of Technology and E-commerce solutions, Netscribes
Sector: E-commerce & Retail

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