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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are essential to a modern enterprise’s success in a digital world. Our AI business solutions focus on helping companies deploy intelligent algorithms powered by machine learning and AI to achieve automation. With over 20 years of experience in industries ranging from Technology, Financial Services, E-commerce, and Manufacturing, we understand business, as well as user needs to design and engineer AI development services products that deliver value to customers.

We are a team of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Specialists, Technology Consultants, and UX experts who work collaboratively with clients to uncover business-level opportunities and develop products that take your enterprise to the next level.

Our AI Business Solutions include

Custom algorithm development

Custom algorithm development

Boost efficiency by reducing manual and time-consuming processes through custom AI and ML algorithm development. Whether you need to automate repetitive tasks, generate insights faster, or improve customer experience, our custom AI development capabilities will support your specific business problem.

AI/ML consulting

AI/ML consulting

Identify potential opportunities to automate using our AI and ML capabilities. We work closely with client teams to improve existing solutions as well as those in the conceptual stages to ensure greater accuracy and success.

Python automation

Python automation

Optimize processes across IT operations though Python-based automation. We deploy full-stack automation to handle complex applications that drive critical business processes. With our AI solutions for business, expect faster development cycles, fewer bugs in your IT system, and quicker resolution of any platform issues.

AI model development

AI model development

We excel in delivering AI development services that drive tangible business outcomes. Our team of experts, steeped in a data-driven approach, specialize in crafting custom AI models to address complex business challenges. Our expertise encompasses natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics, and machine learning, whether its AI solutions for healthcare or corporate operations, its all aimed at enhancing efficiency and delivering meaningful business impact. Netscribes has a 600 member data labelling and annotation team which helps us develop algorithms with greater accuracy.

Influencer analytics

Influencer analytics

Leverage our innovative proprietary tool to measure influencer marketing RoI. This helps you to:

  • Track relevance of influencer posts
  • Measure engagement and impact of influencer marketing across channels
  • Identify influencer which give you maximum bang for your buck
  • Take strategic decisions based on influencers’ promotional activities and target segment engagement.
Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

Get data-driven insights into user generated content (UGC) to identify opportunities for improving your customer experience and marketing campaigns. Our self serve dashboard lets you drill down into customer feedback to capture:

  • Category insights
  • Topic spread
  • Sentiment spread.
  • Consumer perceptions
  • Competitive insights
Video intelligence

Video intelligence

Our proprietary algorithm scans through hours of videos to detect brand placements using image annotation. The scalable technology helps you identify:

Number of objects present
The algorithm can detect multiple objects in the same frame simultaneously

Aspects being endorsed
Algorithm does not just detect, but also classifies the objects into multiple attributes

Timestamp and length of endorsement
The exact time in the video stream when a given brand is endorsed, and even calculates the duration of endorsement.

The Netscribes advantage


Cross-industry machine learning expertise


End-to-end AI solutioning

Process transparency

Process transparency

DevOps methodology

DevOps methodology for effective technology implementation and delivery

digital approach

Address urgent business needs with a digital-first approach

automation tools

Enhance people-centric processes with advanced automation tools

Enrich your growth story with our automation and AI Business Solutions.

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