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In this age of time-to-market, speed is a necessity for businesses to stay competitive. We enable greater business agility for ecommerce platforms with our bespoke ecommerce analytics services.

Digital shelf success depends on how products perform several factors such as pricing, product availability, content, customer reviews, and search performance. Our ecommerce analytics services provides a holistic view of your product’s performance across all of these factors to enable faster decision-making and corrective action.

Our E-commerce Analytics Services

Price intelligence

Maximize profitability and conversions with timely pricing intelligence. Our pricing intelligence solutions capture consumer and competitive signals to enable informed pricing decisions.

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Assortment intelligence

Track a gamut of consumer, market, and inventory signals using our in-house analytics and expertise to get the insights you need to know what products to keep, carry, and drop.

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Customer review analytics

Obtain rich customer insight from user-generated content on the web. Leverage our capabilities in NLP and deep learning to identify which product features matter most to customers and how they really feel about them.

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Influencer analytics

Maximize the impact of influencer marketing campaigns with AI-powered insights. Measure the effectiveness of influencers with granular insights into engagement, content relevance, product placements, follower overlaps, and more.

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Gain intelligence at your fingertips with custom BI dashboards

Get a holistic view of your brand’s performance across key factors to enable faster decision-making and corrective action.

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Performance at a glance

Quickly access information and view different aspects of your digital shelf performance at a glance

Global network of survey respondents

Anywhere, anytime access

Our dashboards are hosted on the cloud, which means you can view all ecommerce insights in one place anytime, anywhere

Multiple data sources and databases

Ensure compliance with your brand

Meet compliance requirements across global merchants, influencers, and sellers

Maximize profitability and conversions with timely pricing intelligence. Our pricing intelligence solutions capture consumer and competitive signals to enable informed pricing decisions.
Real time price

Real-time price comparison with competitors

Our proprietary technology platform helps track, compare and analyze competitor product prices in real time on multiple ecommerce platforms. The configurable settings allow users to track other store prices at desired time intervals, to fuel the best possible pricing strategy.

Pricing discrepancy

Pricing discrepancy detection

Our platform helps marketplaces define product pricing to stay competitive always. Based on pre-defined criteria, the platform sends alerts if the pricing is unreasonably low or high for any product.

Derive product level

Derive product-level insights and recommendations

Acquire actionable competitive insights and business recommendations, even for specific products in your assortment. Combine stock status information with competitive pricing insights – to take intelligent and aggressive pricing decisions. Also, monitor the historical price movement of high-priority products relative to your competition.

In an ultra-competitive marketplace, retailers need differentiated and customer-centric product assortments to stay competitive and profitable. This requires the ability to constantly monitor and act on several data dimensions, such as demand, inventory, supply, competition, and trends, among other consumer signals. Netscribes takes care of your data and analysis needs so you can focus on growing your business. With Netscribes’ in-house data analytics expertise and proprietary tools, you gain the insights you need to plan your assortment effectively.
Netscribes’ assortment intelligence solution allows you to:
  • Determine product availability across digital commerce websites
  • Track the out-of-stock trend for products or product categories across marketplaces
  • Identify assortment gaps versus the competition
  • Know which products to carry, keep and drop
  • Track out-of-stocks across marketplaces in real-time
User-generated content, especially customer reviews are a goldmine of insights for ecommerce platforms. In addition to revealing how your customers think, they also reveal what their core buying intent is, what features they are looking for, and more. With our AI-powered customer review analytics solution, you can capture these insights for millions of products at once.
Drill down into customer reviews to capture:
  • Category insights
  • Topic spread
  • Sentiment spread
  • Consumer perceptions
  • Competitive insights
We arm you with insights and data you’ve never had before when it comes to measuring influencer marketing campaigns. Our self-updating dashboard combines AI, NLP, and human expertise to showcase influencer metrics that go beyond the obvious to evaluate true influencer performance. Use these insights to:
  • Identify the high performers and explore collaboration opportunities
  • Find a relative comparison among influencers, based on the compensation paid vs. derived value
  • Determine the revised compensation value, based on the influencers’ monthly activity and ROI
  • Measure the quality of endorsement based on promo code performance, logo and product placement position, timeframe, and more
  • Track follower overlap among existing and new influencers

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