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Netscribes CREST© is our flagship suite of consumer research solutions, designed to strengthen the decision making centered around the principal 7-Ps of marketing viz. Product, Place, Price, Packaging, Perception, Position and People.

Our comprehensive bouquet of offerings aid clients in gauging brand performance across KPIs by understanding consumers and competition at every stage of the product journey:

  • INITIATION (Pre-launch)- Consumer research tools for idea screening, concept testing, pricing research, usage & attitudes, habits & practices, cohort creation, consumer journey, trade area surveys, and more.
  • IMPLEMENTATION (Launch)- Tools for product/concept evaluation, ad efficacy measurement, pricing correction research, mystery shopping, buying behaviour and shopper profiling research
  • IMPACT (Post launch)- Research tools for measuring short-term and long-term impact via brand health tracking, consumer satisfaction, loyal-lapsers research, brand driver analysis, user segmentation, net promoter tracking, etc.

Netscribes acts as a GTM partner to steer brands towards success, by decoding consumers, deciphering competition, and transforming data into decisions

Research &

Where To Play & How To Win


Measure price elasticity and impact of pricing on product adoption & offtakes

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Evaluate multiple new concepts & test products using Sensory Panel

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Gauge ‘how rad is your ad’ by measuring ad efficacy via Netscribes ‘4R’ ad model

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Benchmarking user experience across purchase channels and online platforms

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In-home placement and post-usage evaluation of products

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Assess your ad campaign’s contribution in delivering a positive lift to brand KPIs

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Discover the most popular purchase route in consumers’ decision-making journey

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Identify top business generators within your brand’s catchment areas

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Plus, we could build CUSTOM SOLUTIONS that are tailored to your brand research needs

Netscribes 360° solutioning

Customized Qualitative and Quantitative Research Solutions

Customized market research solutions powered by primary + secondary research to understand customers, track competitors, and drive growth.

Brand health & tracking

Brand Equity Research

  • Brand health tracking
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Engagement pyramid
  • Brand driver analysis
  • Brand image profile
  • NPS tracking
product testing

Ad & Product Testing

  • Ad campaign pre-testing
  • Ad efficacy & impact test
  • Debranded product testing
  • Dry & delayed sniff testing
  • Sniff, bloom & retention test
  • Concept test, idea screening
  • Monadic, sequential and proto-monadic design
UNA research

Usage & Attitudes

  • Habits & Practices studies
  • Triggers/barriers studies
  • Market basket research
  • Need-gap mapping
Consumer journey

Consumer Journey

  • CDM route discovery
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Cohort buying behavior
  • Shopper Satisfaction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Retail SOP Audit
Consumer segmentation

Consumer Segmentation

  • Cluster–factor segmentation
  • Psychographic bucketing
  • Latent class modelling
  • Attitudinal clustering
  • Cohort profiling

Pricing Research

  • BPPA / Best Price Point Analysis
  • P3 / Product Price Perception
  • BPTO / Brand-Price Trade-Off
  • CBC / Conjoint analysis
  • Price correction study
  • Price elasticity testing

Market Intelligence

  • Persona Profiling
  • Company Profiling
  • Secondary scoping
  • Econometric modelling


  • Web/Online Interviews (CAWI)
  • F2F Personal Interviews (CAPI)
  • Telephonic Interviews (CATI)
  • Mixed-mode Interviews


  • Focus Groups / Mini-GD
  • In-depth Interviews / IDIs
  • Executive Interviews / EIs
  • Expert Panels

The Netscribes advantage

At our core, we specialize in delivering swift, real-time insights that keep you ahead of the curve. Our approach is fortified by robust data, ensuring precision in every strategic maneuver you make. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing rightly priced solutions without compromising on the quality of our services. Clients choose us not just for our speed and accuracy, but also for the unbeatable value we offer in every decision-making process.

That’s why we are known for being:





reasonably prices


Dive deeper into CREST©


Assess price elasticity and gauge the influence of pricing on product adoption and market uptake.

PINPOINT© is Netscribes’ cutting-edge Consumer Price Testing toolkit, designed to unveil the intricate dynamics of price elasticity and its influence on consumer behavior and product adoption. We achieve this through a suite of proprietary pricing tools, such as P3, BPPA, Gain-Loss Analysis, and more.

Our pricing toolkit goes beyond pricing analysis; it’s your gateway to gathering invaluable insights into consumer opinions and feedback, spanning a diverse range of micro-geographies, including the finest level of detail – PIN CODES. This unique capability has earned it the name ‘PINPOINT,’ where precision meets consumer insights.

Industries we service:

Quick Service Restaurants, Food Services, FMCG, Beauty, Fashion, Durables, Retail, E-commerce, Quick-commerce, Travel, etc.


Assess a range of novel concepts and test new product developments (NPDs) with our Sensory Panel

ProWin© is our wide-lensed Concept and Product Testing Toolkit for evaluating brand NPDs to identify ‘Winner’ concept and product. Our solution is crafted with the sole objective of evaluating a range of products by a specialized User Sensory Panel, via predefined quantifiable parameters. This process allows us to gauge consumer reactions to multiple test products, ultimately assisting our clients in identifying the standout concept or product from the tested selection.

The ProWin© solution encompasses four distinct sub-modules:

  • Generic Product Evaluation
  • Sensory Pre-tasting Metrics
  • Sensory Post-tasting Evaluation
  • Preferential Ranking

Our methodology can be customized to align perfectly with client-specific requirements.

Industries we service:

Beauty, FMCG, Durables, Food & Beverage, Quick Service Restaurants, Café, and Luggage


Gauge ‘How rad is your ad?’ by measuring ad efficacy via our ‘4R’ ad-model

RAD© expands to ‘Recognition + Association + Delivery’. This is our consumer research toolkit designed to evaluate ad campaigns with our 4R model.

RAD© serves as a guiding light, enabling us to address four pivotal questions while assessing the efficacy of client’s and competitors’ campaigns via the 4 Rs:

  • What is the campaign’s R1/REACH?
  • What level of branded R2/RECALL does the campaign achieve?
  • How successfully do consumers R3/RELATE to the campaign?
  • What is the extent of consumer R4/REACTION to the campaign?

In addition to offering a direct comparison of the RAD© score across all tested advertisements, we also provide a comparative analysis of campaigns against Netscribes in-house ad norms, facilitating the identification of the true winning advertisement.

Industries we service:

All product categories and services that promotes themselves via advertisements.


Benchmarking user experience across purchase channels and online platforms

Known as ‘BEST Track’ (short for ‘Brand Experience & Service Tug-of-war Track’), this research solution is a barometer for evaluating user experience on various competing channels and online platforms within the competitive landscape.

With this tool, we periodically track your performance versus archrivals, focusing on essential brand KPIs such as shopping experience, promotions and offers, interface quality, user engagement, NPS, and more.

Industries we service:

Applicable for online marketplaces & digital-first brands across Retail, E-commerce, Quick-commerce, Food services and BFSI sectors.


In-home placement and post-use product evaluation

iHOME©, Netscribes’ In-home Placement and Product Evaluation Toolkit is designed to identify winning products through post-use assessments. Aim of this solution is to subject each consumer to an in-depth evaluation of a single product over an extended timeframe.

Our iHOME© solution involves multiple home visits, spanning from the initial product placement to mid-cycle assessments, and culminating with detailed feedback at the end of the product use-cycle. This process comprises three key stages:

  • Respondent empanelment and placement of product
  • Mid-cycle checks to ensure active product engagement
  • In-depth post-usage product feedback.

Industries we service:

FMCG, Fragrance, Personal Care, Beauty & Skin Care products, Home Care products


Assess your ad campaign’s contribution in delivering a positive lift to brand KPIs

iCAM© is our all-encompassing campaign evaluation tool, designed for campaign assessment and impact measurement. While iCAM© incorporates elements from RAD©, it goes beyond to help brands answer crucial questions:

  • How did the brand’s campaign perform?
  • Did it achieve the anticipated brand lift?
  • If not, why? Was it due to awareness, proposition, or expression-related issues?

In addition to addressing these questions, we assist our clients in sizing consumer buckets that emerge from a Decision Tree model. Comparing these consumer segments with our benchmarks helps determine the significance of the brand KPI lift.

Industries we service:

All product categories and services that promotes themselves via advertisements.


Discover the most popular purchase route in consumers’ decision-making journey

CONQUEST© is our proprietary toolkit designed to assist brands identify the multiple routes consumers may take in the decision-making process during their quest to buy the right product.

The objective of this solution is to delve deeply into every phase of the Consumer Decision-Making Journey. These journeys typically comprise five key stages:

  • Need Recognition
  • Information Search
  • Alternative Evaluation
  • Purchase Decision
  • Post-Purchase Behavior

Industries we service:

All high-involvement categories with long product lifecycles, like Laptop, Mobile Handsets, TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Air/Water Purifier, Geyser, Kitchen appliances, etc.


Identify top business generators within brand catchments

TASK© is Netscribes proprietary toolkit designed for conducting Trade Area Survey to gather shopper ken in terms of profile and purchase behavior.Apart from understanding the profile of customers visiting brand outlets, the secondary objective is to identify top business generators within the brand’s catchment areas.

For retail establishments, surveys are conducted within the brand store. In the case of Quick Service Restaurants and Cafés, our surveys run both in-store and at the drive-thru window of the outlet.

Industries we service:

Retail, Quick Service Restaurants, Café, Banks, ATMs, etc.

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