Netscribes helps technology service providers and companies in the software/hardware industry identify and meet the needs of the addressable market with our technology intelligence services.  We also provide sales enablement and demand generation support through a combination of market intelligence research and content services.

Over 140 clients from the technology industry, including the top-five global IT firms and some of the world’s leading software, hardware, and high-tech companies, rely on Netscribes technology intelligence solutions for building a sustainable edge in their business. We integrate traditional market research (including primary and secondary research) with IP and social media analysis to provide a comprehensive view of the technology market landscape.

How we help

market research and analysis

Market Research & Analysis

We conduct detailed market and competitive analysis to help you fully understand the market landscape and identify the challenges and opportunities posed by new technologies and global market forces.


product strategy and development

Product Strategy & Development

Identify the innovation trends at a global level, discover technology areas that offer best growth potential, and identify ways to best meet the needs of the market based on our technology assessment and tech scouting analysis.


business development

Business Development

We provide in-depth company information and insights to enable more focused marketing and sales strategies. This includes detailed company and prospect profiles, financial health, M&A, end-to-end IT implementation analysis, and more.


marketing and communications

Marketing & Communications

We develop research-backed content to help companies build their thought leadership, increase their visibility, and improve sales success.


market intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market and competitive intelligence studies for better decision-making

data and information services

Data & Information Services

Relevant, accurate and timely data and information for specific business needs

innovation research

Innovation Research

Explore nascent technologies and identify opportunities for product development

IP solutions

IP Solutions

Patent and intellectual property research and analysis

sales intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Lead generation and prospect research for better sales performance

thought leadership

Content & Social Media

Research-backed content to support your content marketing initiatives

What you get

  • Continuous market, competitive and technology intelligence, based on a 360° view of the market and technology landscape
  • Get a clear-eyed focus on how current technologies are evolving and which technologies are important for growth
  • Identify and evaluate emerging technologies that can impact your business
  • Identify the addressable market and how you can best meet its needs

Our Approach

Our holistic approach consolidates multi-dimensional data sources that cover economic and regulatory environments, trends, IP, competitors, prospects, clients, vendors, and partners across industries to meet all your market and technology intelligence needs. Our diverse range of technology market research services covers a broad range of industries including, but not limited to IT, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Automotive.

Stay ahead of change and transform disruption into lasting value

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