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Online collaboration portal for a large conglomerate

Online collaboration portal for a large conglomerate

Looking to streamline communication and collaboration among their legal operations, a large conglomerate with over 65 member firms approached Netscribes for a solution. Lawyers and company secretaries spread across geographies were finding it difficult to collaborate and get a single view of developments due to various factors, including language barriers, logistical challenges, differences in communication styles, and time zones.


We developed a centralized online collaboration portal platform that enabled stakeholders to post trending news, blogs, and views on legal matters, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing across member firm locations. The results delivered were impressive with a 1.5x increase in weekly active users, a 4x rise in the number of discussions, 2x more questions answered, and a 70% reduction in response time.


To learn more about how Netscribes’ online collaboration portal powered by AI Solutions facilitated this corporate mammoth to streamline communication and knowledge exchange among its legal operations, download our case study now.

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