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In a rapidly evolving market, enterprises need a constant pulse on market opportunities and threats. We spot market change early on to help you respond quickly through our holistic market research services that involve industry tracking, technology scans, and market assessments.

Netscribes offers the most comprehensive market intelligence and analysis to inform your marketing and business growth strategies. By applying a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques we deliver accurate and comprehensive insights to enable quick and confident decisions.

Our Market Research Services include

Competitive intelligence

Track competitors to benchmark products, services, and processes, identify threats and market opportunities and recognize evolving best practices.

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Market assessments

Assess market conditions for growth through a close analysis of the industry landscape, market trends, competition, and alternative products/services.

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Sales intelligence

Build robust sales strategies through accurate prospect data and insights.

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Industry research

Obtain a broad view of industries to identify megatrends, competitive landscapes, and growth opportunities.

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The Netscribes advantage

Netscribes’ custom market research services help you inform strategy and maximize impact through:

market research experts

Technology-driven research and analysis

We combine traditional market research expertise with innovative tools and technologies to deliver more accurate insights faster and more efficiently.

Global network of survey respondents

Global panel network

With an active panel of over 37 million respondents spread across the globe, gather market insights from hard-to-reach business and consumer audiences.

Multiple data sources and databases

Access to premium databases

Leverage our access to premium databases for accurate information about countries, industries, companies, patents, and more.

market Research Data analytics

Extensive industry expertise

Leverage our expertise in various disciplines, including Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Technology Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Goods, and Financial Services.

Explore growth opportunities in complex, global markets with our research expertise

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The ability to gather, examine, and act on relevant information is key to gaining a true competitive advantage. We perform competitive analysis by leveraging quantitative and qualitative data as well as alternative data sources to help you determine implications and take appropriate steps.
solutions benchmarking

Products/solutions benchmarking

Gain insight into how your offerings compare against competitors in the market across key metrics, including market share, business and product capabilities, and customer satisfaction. Use these insights to inform better product decisions, including what features to add, improve, or remove.

Competitive tracking

Competitive tracking

Identify competitive threats and build counter-strategies by monitoring competitive activity. In addition to traditional research, we leverage alternative data sources, such as social media sentiment and consumer reviews, to facilitate better analysis and action plans.

Customer insights

Customer information and deal analysis

Gain data-backed diligence on the quality of customers, market dynamics, and value creation to efficiently navigate hyper-competitive deal environments.

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Ensure market entry or expansion success through a deep understanding of the business environment, market opportunities, and risks. With our market assessment service, stay at the forefront of the market and capitalize on the most rewarding opportunities.
market ecosystem analysis

Market ecosystem analysis

Get a 360-degree view of the market to help you identify megatrends and growth opportunities.

go-to-market analysis

Go-To-Market (GTM) study

Obtain insights into your target market through customer perception and buyer behavior analysis and identify unmet opportunities and collaboration possibilities.

Market entry strategy study

Market entry strategy study

Gain a thorough understanding of the focus market, regulatory environment, consumer behavior, and more before you expand into unknown turfs.

Partnership assessment study

Partnership assessment study

From amplifying margins to reducing business risks and future-proofing, perform due diligence to make calculative investment and alliance decisions.

Obtain account-specific intelligence and content assets to generate an optimum return on sales and marketing investment.
Company profiling

Company analysis

Get detailed profiles of target companies, focusing on their capabilities, organizational structure, turnover, growth, and competitors.

Account intelligence

Account intelligence

Achieve better results from your ABM initiatives with relevant account insights and targeted marketing content.

Battle cards

Battle cards

Tackle objections and communicate your value proposition more effectively with our tailored, well-researched battle cards.

Executive profiling

Executive profiling

Gain in-depth insight into specific roles and responsibilities, tenure, qualifications, and requirements of executive profiles, senior managers, and key decision-makers in the firm.

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As industries and markets mature or navigate disruptions, it is important to assess your position in the face of increasing competition. With Netscribes’ industry research expertise, gain rich insights and perspectives into the hottest trends, upcoming growth areas, and key competitors’ activities.
Future scenario based on country outlook

Future scenario based on country outlook

Obtain a comprehensive outlook into the GDP, unemployement, and per-capita income forecast along with macroeconomic indicators to gain a tangible understanding of your industry.

Business level indicators

Business-level indicators

Evaluate the consumer and business confidence index, and inflation forecast along with a country-specific credit-rating outlook to make calculative investment decisions.

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Drive strategic growth and gain a sustained competitive edge with Netscribes’ market intelligence services

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