Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is promoted with passion at Netscribes. Efforts to reach out and touch lives mark this endeavor. This isn’t an optional obligation or a brand enhancing move, it is the pulse of the spirit that sets Netscribes apart where CSR initiates are an integral part of the conviction we hold close to our hearts. We ensure a strict adherence to business ethics and strive to contribute to the well-being of the society we draw sustenance from.

Some of the arenas in which we have tried to make a difference are:

  • Nurturing Children
  • Go Green
  • Empowering Women
  • Empathy for the Needy and Afflicted

Nurturing-Children-01Our festive celebrations acquire meaningful dimensions due to the infectious smiles and warm welcome from innocent children we visit at various NGOs. Unbridled creativity and talent amidst these cherubs renew our pledge to persist at such initiatives with greater zest.Sometimes we land up at the NGOs with goodies for the children and organize sit and draw competitions, games, creative sessions, music and dance. During Christmas,while playing angels and godchildren in-house, we also try to play Santa to underprivileged children and distribute toys, clothes and sweets that we collect. These children are our coveted guests during Christmas and they enliven the office floor with their chorus carols.

The organizations we reach out to in this realm are All Bengal Women’s Union, Tracks, Paribar, Visa home, CRY and many such others.

We partnered with the Children’s Literary Academy and Spencers to promote creative thinking and reading habits among children.Netscribes feels it can cater to the basic but largely overlooked social need of growing interest in books at an early age and provide an impetus to its growth, both in terms of quality and quantity of books.


We have actively promoted go green initiatives and pledged to work towards a greener and cleaner earth by preventing misuse of natural resource, curbing the use of paper, planting trees and creating awareness. We have supported Green peace, Art of Living Foundation in these endeavors.

Women-Empowerment01We dream of a society where we won’t need to reserve a day to celebrate the importance of women. We support NGOs that want to empower women by making them self-sufficient. These organizations help them to seek financial independence and make a living out of the hand made good they excel at making so that they can live with dignity. The food products that they make range from delectable preserves and pickles to sauces and squashes. They also showcase self-made handicraft items of amazing variety. These organizations often set up stalls at our premises and receive overwhelming responses. The organizations are All Bengal Women’s Union,Ankur Kala, Aftertaste.


Netscribes has always come forward to lend a hand in case of natural calamities like the devastating Aila or the Uttarakhand deluge. Our people have come forth with unrestrained generosity to chip in to help the victims. We have often reached out to the victims through Bharat Sevasram Sangha.

Netscribes CSR policy
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