BI and data engineering

Our Data Engineering and Business Intelligence Services enables global businesses to extract and analyze data efficiently. By collecting, cleansing, and transforming your data into rich visuals, we can help you focus on the KPIs that matter most to your company.

Netscribes’ Data Engineering capabilities focus on creating a solid data analytics foundation for organizations to derive insights from the data assets they have. We do this by implementing a data map and common data model (CDM) which transforms disjointed data into unified views, or customizable BI dashboards, to allow teams to track KPIs and analyze data accurately.

Using advanced algorithms and visualization tools, we are able to present meaningful insights – not just numbers – that tell your data story.

How it works

A centralized common data model (CDM) is prepared by linking data tables using a data map. This CDM forms the input file for all data-modeling processes. From here on, pre-defined machine learning algorithms automatically transform, synthesize, and represent data on a constantly self-updating dashboard.

end-to-end automation

Our key Data Engineering and BI capabilities

single view dashboard

A single-view dashboard with cross-functional views

Say goodbye to disjointed, multi-sheet excel dashboards and say hello to appealing, compact, and interlinked PowerBI dashboards.

end-to-end automation

End-to-end automation

Our BI dashboards are fully-automated and combine all analysis views and tabs into a single view. You’ll find charts that ‘talk’ to each other, multiplying the possibilities of drill-down analysis.

analyze with visualization

Analyze with visualizations on-the-go

We leverage cloud technologies while implementing your custom BI solution so authorized users can access BI dashboards anytime, anywhere.

gain greater control

Gain greater control over your data

With the data repository and final model stored on a client-hosted cloud server, you get greater control over your data.

smart insights

Smart insights that go beyond numbers

No need to hop across different dashboards just to see data from different angles. With our BI and Data Engineering capabilities, you can easily analyze data in multiple ways: transactional, operational, and financial, to name a few.

Our Business intelligence services and data visualization capabilities provide businesses with relevant data in an accessible and efficient way to identify trends, outliers, and patterns and optimize business strategies. A systematic mapping of data offers businesses and professionals a comprehensible method of data analysis.

Netscibes has years of experience and domain knowledge in developing:

Strategic executive dashboards

Strategic executive dashboards / cockpits


Storyboarding for intuitive data exploration


Scorecards / KPIs and metrics for leadership groups

End-to-end report automation

End-to-end report automation

roadmap building

Reporting roadmap building and improvisation of existing reports

Our technical proficiency spans multiple market-leading tools/technologies

Data governance & quality

As a part of our data engineering service, multiple quality and governance checks are implemented to ensure data accuracy, validity, and completeness.

Every data point is categorized according to our data governance framework to ensure accountability, control, and authority is maintained throughout the transformation and visualization journey.

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