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As a leading data and insights company, we offer comprehensive data science services to help businesses act strategically and improve tactical business decisions. We work with global firms to solve their most pressing business challenges by applying statistical techniques, machine learning, and NLP.

Our data scientists guide you toward better, faster decisions by finding answers to the right questions. We work together with our clients to extract value from their data assets and supplement them with external data when necessary.

Our Data Science Services

Customer Analytics

Customer analytics

Get the insights you need to enhance customer engagement and drive business goals with our customer analytics services. Our experts will help you understand your customers like never before so you can create more effective marketing campaigns and make better business decisions.

Netscribes’ customer analytics capabilities can help you in understanding your customers better and driving customer and growth initiatives critical to business success.

Our capabilities include:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • CLTV and Churn Analysis
  • Upsell & Cross-sell
  • Next Best Action
Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics

Our Marketing Analytics solution provides you with the ability to improve your Marketing ROI and effectiveness. By providing insights into customer preferences and trends, we enable organizations to make results-oriented marketing decisions. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Campaign Analysis and ROI
  • Channel Optimization
  • Attribution Modelling
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Segmentation and Targeting
Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics

Our social media analytics solution focuses on addressing the problems enterprises face in tracking and monitoring social media data. The ever-growing pool of social media data presents ample opportunities for businesses to take proactive measures to understand and retain customers and promote and protect their brands. Our social media analytics capabilities allow you to take advantage of these opportunities and create a competitive edge.

Our capabilities include:

  • Influencer Analytics
  • Social Media Monitoring and Tracking
  • Brand Monitoring & Competitor Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis (VoC)

Our Data Science projects

Eye Tracker

Eye Tracker:

Analyzing data from eye-tracking devices to generate insights into shopper behavior, packaging, advertising, and user experience.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting:

Determining sales forecasts, inventory purchases, and workforce management based on sales order data.

Product Matching

Product Matching:

Competitive tracking of identical or similar products across multiple websites by applying deep learning.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis:

Analyzing customer perceptions of a brand to align marketing and product strategies.

Customer segmentation framework

Customer segmentation framework:

A machine learning segmentation framework that investigates customer behavior patterns and segments data into clusters to generate custom insights.

The Netscribes advantage

With Netscribes, you get the best data science experts, engineers, developers, and scientists to support your data and analytics needs, bringing greater efficiency and profitability to your business.

Certified Data Science Experts & Engineers

Global Presence

24×7 Customer Support & Services

20+ Years of Strong Worldwide Presence

Integration Of Advanced Technologies



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