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For over two decades, Netscribes technology research services has been helping organizations combat the threat of disruption and build a competitive advantage through holistic innovation research. Our ability to draw upon the knowledge based on patent analysis, primary and secondary research, and data analytics helps us provide the most comprehensive and accurate information to support your technology strategy.

Clients use our innovation research services capabilities to:

  • Spot potentially disruptive technologies
  • Understand the impact of disruptive technologies on their business
  • Evaluate technologies and identify growth opportunities
  • Identify innovative uses of existing technologies
  • Commercialize their technology in existing or new markets

Our Technology Research Services include

Technology landscape and roadmap

Spot top innovation areas, penetration of new technologies within your domain, cross-industry innovations, gaps in the research landscape, and more, all to meet your end business objectives.

Technology trend analysis

Track new innovation and adoption trends at a global level, understand their potential impact on your business ecosystem and identify technology areas that provide the best commercial opportunity.

Industry adoption analysis

Assess potential opportunities by dissecting the market for application areas, competition, and end-use industries analyzing adoption across industries through relevant use cases.

Startup ecosystem analysis

Profile companies, score them based on ranking, and dive into the core portfolio, partnership ecosystem, and futuristic outlook.

IP research and analytics

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead necessitates a harmonious integration of innovation and intellectual property strategies. Netscribes offers a seamless fusion of two essential pillars – Technology Research and Intellectual Property (IP) Research & Analytics. This unique synergy enables your organization to not only navigate disruption but also strategically drive growth through –

  • A comprehensive understanding of innovation landscapes and intellectual property dynamics
  • Uncovering emerging technologies, seizing growth opportunities, and delving deep with services extending beyond surface-level assessment
  • Agile innovation that analyzes patents, trends, and pioneers, guiding refined processes, enhanced products, and optimal market entry
  • Identifying valuable patents, assessing technologies, and evaluating the commercial promise of inventions, shaping your IP strategy and commercialization efforts

Our IP Research and Analytics Services include

Patent Landscape Analysis and State-of-the-Art Searches

Craft a strategic innovation roadmap through meticulous examination of patent information. Identify emerging technology and innovation trends, latest prior art, active competitors, and more.

Claim Charts and Infringement Search

Uncover infringement opportunities, validate infringements, and obtain comprehensive evidence-of-usage reports. We analyze claim elements, identify unlicensed products, and evaluate implicit infringements.

Technology Commercialization

Fast-track lab discoveries to market-ready solutions with our tech commercialization support. Our rigorous due diligence gauges demand, patent strength, and competition, guiding optimal routes for a seamless transition.

Competitive IP Research

Obtain continuous tracking and analysis of patent data and competitive intelligence, including mergers and acquisitions, funding, research grants, and public announcements to guide informed decisions.

Netscribes’ Technology & IP Research Services and Analytics provides consistent data-driven insights to capitalize on disruptive innovations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Successfully navigate technology and patent disruption with a better understanding of the industry landscape and a strategic roadmap for innovation and investment.

ideas and innovation

Discern emerging technologies, novel concepts, and enhance existing ideas for innovation

robust intellectual property

Identify industry leaders, standout products, and robust intellectual property in specific domains

Validate innovation openings

Validate innovation openings, ensuring strategic alignment and ROI assessment, and ascertain necessary changes for effective competition

product development

Seamlessly align product development with evolving market demands

Utilize our multidisciplinary team

Utilize our multidisciplinary team of Ph.D. holders for holistic insights and effective competition

strategic decisions

Make well-informed strategic decisions based on extensive and granular technology & IP insights

Industries we support

Our expertise spans across diverse industries and sectors, including:

Electronic devices

Electronic devices

Semiconductor devices and fabrication

Semiconductor devices & fabrication

Hi-Tech companies

Hi-Tech companies





Renewable and sustainable energy

Renewable & sustainable energy





Mechanical, measurement, and instrumentation

Mechanical, measurement & instrumentation

Medical devices

Medical devices



Smart devices

Smart devices

Batteries and storage technologies

Batteries & storage technologies

Automation and robotics

Automation & robotics



Energy and power

Energy & power





Consumer goods and services

Consumer goods & services

Food and beverage

Food & beverage

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