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For over two decades, Netscribes technology research services has been helping organizations combat the threat of disruption and build a competitive advantage through holistic innovation research. Our ability to draw upon the knowledge based on patent analysis, primary and secondary research, and data analytics helps us provide the most comprehensive and accurate information to support your technology strategy.

Clients use our innovation research services capabilities to:

  • Spot potentially disruptive technologies
  • Understand the impact of disruptive technologies on their business
  • Evaluate technologies and identify growth opportunities
  • Identify innovative uses of existing technologies
  • Commercialize their technology in existing or new markets

Our Technology Research Services include

Technology landscape and roadmap

Spot top innovation areas, penetration of new technologies within your domain, cross-industry innovations, gaps in the research landscape, and more, all to meet your end business objectives.

Technology trend analysis

Track new innovation and adoption trends at a global level, understand their potential impact on your business ecosystem and identify technology areas that provide the best commercial opportunity.

Industry adoption analysis

Assess potential opportunities by dissecting the market for application areas, competition, and end-use industries analyzing adoption across industries through relevant use cases.

Startup ecosystem analysis

Profile companies, score them based on ranking, and dive into the core portfolio, partnership ecosystem, and futuristic outlook.

Netscribes’ technology research services provides consistent data-driven insights to capitalize on disruptive innovations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Successfully navigate technological disruption with a better understanding of the technology landscape and a strategic roadmap for investment.

team of Ph.D. holders

Leverage our multi-disciplinary team of Ph.D. holders, engineers, statisticians, economists, and business management consultants

Identify technologies

Identify technologies that are most likely to confer a competitive advantage in the near and long-term

Understand the technology adoption trends

Understand the technology adoption trends in your focus industry and find out what changes you need to make to compete effectively

extensive domain knowledge

Obtain granular technology market insights with our extensive domain knowledge

strategic decisions

Prepare for opportunities with holistic technology market insights required for strategic decisions

Success stories

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology and innovation insights.

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