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Providing a better buyer experience in the telecommunications industry

Providing a better buyer experience in the telecommunications industry

Providing relevant offerings to buyers at every stage of their journey requires a granular understanding of the B2B customer experience. With new technologies and market shifts shaping buyer expectations, B2B organizations, such as technology providers, need to constantly evaluate their buyer journey to enhance customer satisfaction in an already competitive environment.

A leading global telecommunications provider facing this challenge was keen to understand the buyer journey more deeply to deliver a customer-centric experience. By uncovering the barriers in the buyer journey and the factors that influence how they choose products and suppliers, it aimed to provide customers with the right support they needed at each stage.

They partnered with Netscribes to conduct a B2B customer experience study analyzing buyer experiences across the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Download this case study to find out how our client:

  1. Uncovered typical buyer scenarios and insights across five critical business needs
  2. Identified influencers, decision-makers, and end-to-end buying process
  3. Gained strategic insights to address solution gaps and enhance the overall customer experience
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