The way humans and machines interact is changing, thanks to automation. We live in a digitally-dominated society that is redefining the way we manage business processes as well as how we deliver value to customers. Netscribes’ automation and AI solutions are designed to help you navigate such new realities, transform your business operations, and align your teams to focus on what truly matters: sustainable business growth.

A holistic, intelligent solution to accelerate processes and reduce customer wait times

The Netscribes advantage

End-to-end AI solutioning to drive agility

End-to-end AI solutioning to drive agility

implimentation and delivery

DevOps methodology for effective technology implementation and delivery


Address urgent business needs with a digital-first approach

advanced automation tool

Enhance people-centric processes with advanced automation tools

Intelligence to accelerate

Our automation and AI solutions can be a chapter in your growth story.

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Web application modernization

Our web application modernization expertise can assist you in selecting the best plan for modernizing and containerizing old applications and end-to-end processes. Achieve a faster time-to-value in hybrid cloud environments using our process-driven methodologies and tools. The end result: A more efficient, productive, and innovative organization with thorough visibility into the entire value chain.

Our services

product detail page

Digitization and automation of offline / legacy processes

creat center responsibility

Application development and maintenance services

analyze price

Customized marketing tools development

collect data

E-commerce store application development

Our technology expertise

dot net
dev ops

Custom AI

We use custom AI algorithms to support your business development lifecycle – from marketing and sales to customer experience. We cater to your individual business needs ranging from influencer and customer review analytics to video intelligence, by diving into data and capturing analyses in a ready-to-review dashboard.

Our process

Define problem statements for AI algorithms

Define problem statements for AI algorithms

Identify and analyze the many solution parameters

Identify and analyze the many solution parameters

Collect public online data

Collect public online data and structure it for labeling purposes

Human in the Loop

Human in the Loop (HITL) labeling: Collate data in our automated workflow platform

Transfer cleaned

Transfer cleaned, labeled data to Data Science teams for AI model deployment

AI frameworks we support

Automated data collection

We offer large-scale web data gathering, structuring, analyses, and dashboarding services. Our automated data collection solution can provide you with price and brand monitoring, assortment intelligence, and content tracking across different marketplaces and single-brand online retail stores.

Our process

collect data

Collect data from 50+ available online sources

Capture data from listings and product detail page

Capture data from listings and product detail pages

creat center responsibility

Create central repository

analyze price

Analyze price, availability, and search results using AI frameworks

collect data

Display insights on a customizable dashboard

Add-on services

Hero image checks

MRP/MAP compliance

Share of products in the search

Sponsored and brand tag tracking

SEO monitoring at scale

Grow into a top-tier digital-first enterprise with our automation and AI solutions.

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