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How a tech stalwart’s content development strategy became a chapter in thought leadership

How a tech stalwart’s content development strategy became a chapter in thought leadership

Uncover the real ask behind a tech giant’s transformative journey as their content development strategy unfolds into a captivating chapter in thought leadership. Understand how Netscribes elevated their approach, moving beyond technicalities to position the company as a visionary in the tech domain. The narrative goes beyond product specifications, creating a repository of strategic content assets that set new standards in tech communication. A repository where precision meets innovation, fueling successful campaigns and reshaping the landscape of technology and thought leadership.


For over four decades, a technology company has been evolving into an innovation trailblazer in the global market. They’ve been leading the charge in reshaping the global digital landscape for businesses. Their toolkit had everything their customers could think of – from crafting software wonders to dishing out savvy IT advice, mastering the intricacies of infrastructure, and delivering game-changing enterprise products.

When they approached Netscribes, they were gearing up to drop their latest AI-powered software suite into the market, driven by a long-standing vision of serving up nothing but the best in technology.

However, being a seasoned frontrunner they too realized that to build industry resonance it’s not enough to only introduce a groundbreaking product but also substantiate that with content that positions the product as a game changer. Their usual approach of creating product technical documentation was not going to cut it.


The quest for superior, insightful tech content assets

Instead of just crafting manuals and guides, our team went beyond technical specifications and delved into the underlying philosophy of innovation and excellence that defined the company. This repository became a cornerstone in establishing the IT firm as not just an AI-powered products developer but a visionary thought leader in the tech domain.


Beyond product USPs – A commitment to clarity and precision

Over three months, we created 49 content assets including user guides, installation/configuration guides, process manuals, data sheets, and press releases – a complete repository of content assets astutely developed to help the company have a full-circle product launch.

We deployed a dedicated team of technology writers, editors, and subject matter experts. We set a research procedure to understand what the competition is saying, what the gaps are in the market, and how this IT firm and its product will bridge that gap. All of this led us to the sweet spot that, we devised a content development strategy to craft relevant content assets.

We meticulously reviewed inputs, ensuring clarity and addressing any information gaps promptly. Each document was crafted in adherence to international standards, tailored for diverse user groups. Redundancies were eliminated, and content was edited for clarity and engagement. Our team maintained consistency in structure and formatting, creating user-friendly content assets that would not only highlight the product USPs but also set clear and precise guidelines for the organization.

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Setting the standard in tech communication

What sets this story apart is not just the content asset development effort but the strategic approach taken to position the firm as a technology thought leader. The content assets became a crucial component of the IT leader’s go-to-market strategy. They fueled successful campaigns launched in different markets that were further emulated for other upcoming product launches. The repository rich with critical content assets for the product empowered their marketing teams to reach customers in unprecedented ways, enhancing engagement and brand recognition significantly.

The collaboration extended beyond Netscribes’ team to include reviews from the firm’s tech content, product, marketing, and sales teams. Incorporating feedback ensured that the content not only met but exceeded each team’s objectives.

In a landscape where the narrative is shifting towards technology and innovation, the IT firm’s approach to technology content development and go-to-market strategy became a crucial chapter in its thought leadership story.

“The assets that Netscribes created for us allowed our marketing teams to reach customers like never before. Our engagement and brand recognition have gone up significantly thanks to the high-value work done by them.” − VP of Sales, Leading IT service and software provider

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