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How a Tech conglomerate examined Metaverse Shopping Adoption Trends

How a Tech conglomerate examined Metaverse Shopping Adoption Trends

“Now is the chance for brands to get ahead by embracing the digital future. Metaverse shopping adoption trends may seem like just another thing to do as part of digital transformation. Nevertheless, you should embrace the Metaverse. Learn what other brands are doing so that you can expand your own brand.”

Cathy Hackl, Tech futurist


While a lot of people are on the fence about the concept itself, 58% of consumers believe that the Metaverse will eventually replace social media as social media 2.0. Moreover, brands are moving towards a Phygital (Physical and Digital) mode of reaching out to consumers. Today, AR/VR-powered Metaverse environments offer them a unique opportunity. A leading technology conglomerate sought our assistance in identifying and comprehending Metaverse shopping adoption trends, specifically to gauge the interest of retailers and brands, as well as consumer perceptions of shopping in the Metaverse.


Netscribes carried out a multi-pronged adoption trend analysis with a clear goal to provide our client with timely and relevant insight into the following:


  • Consumer interest in the Metaverse
  • Key Metaverse platforms
  • AR/VR-powered shopping adoption trends
  • Metaverse and AR/VR adoption bottlenecks
  • AR/VR-led brand engagement strategies
  • Creator ecosystem in the Metaverse
  • Use of NFTs in the retail Metaverse
  • Future of digital and virtual shopping events


Download this case study to learn more about how this technology leader was able to devise a winning roadmap for expansion of their engagement strategies with the help of our custom, comprehensive Metaverse shopping adoption trends analysis.

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