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Competitive pricing analysis based on qualitative research

Competitive pricing analysis based on qualitative research

In the age of comparison shopping, setting a competitive price is essential for increasing market share. But competitive pricing can be hard when there’s no visibility into your competitor’s pricing strategies. To overcome this challenge, our client, a leading cloud-based supply chain risk management platform, partnered with Netscribes to conduct a competitive pricing analysis.

Through a strategic blend of qualitative research methodologies, we helped them gain a deep understanding of the market landscape, customer preferences, and competitor strategies. Our tailored approach gave them actionable insights to optimize their pricing and drive business growth. We armed the company with strategic takeaways for a robust competitive pricing analysis from the annual pricing models of each competitor to their specific digital footprint based on their search engine visibility and more.

Download this case study to find out how the analysis helped our client to develop informed pricing strategies for its products.

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