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Digital Shelf Analytics: Managing brand compliance across online marketplaces

Digital Shelf Analytics: Managing brand compliance across online marketplaces

Any company focused on maintaining its brand value will pay close attention to providing a consistent and superior customer experience across its online and offline channels. With e-commerce growing from strength to strength, one of the world’s largest CPG brands manufacturing an assortment of foods, beverages, cleaning agents, personal care products and more, was hard-pressed to ensure brand consistency across consumer touchpoints.


The stalwart knew it would need complete visibility into how its brand is being represented online; especially to ensure brand compliance by their online retail partners and third-party sellers. A constant eye on aspects like price, product availability, visual and text content was crucial to foster brand loyalty and consumer trust. To do this, the company employed Netscribes’ digital shelf analytics expertise.


Download this case study to know how using Netscribes’ digital shelf analytics solution, the company was able to track over 22,000 SKUs across 16 leading marketplaces for 71 zip-codes every day; to make strategic decisions based on consistent brand compliance insights.

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