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Digital Renaissance – Elevating an omni-channel retailer’s e-commerce experience

Digital Renaissance – Elevating an omni-channel retailer’s e-commerce experience

Facing the threat of ecommerce dominance after a successful decade in offline retail, a major omnichannel retailer with its own website encountered challenges in expanding its product range and providing a seamless online shopping experience. Hindered by an outdated application, the company struggled with new product listings, content enrichment, and effective marketing initiatives. Netscribes solution unfolded outcomes that included mitigated downtime risk, increased application availability, and significant improvements in site performance. Explore how our ecommerce solution helped the omnichannel retailer enhance operational efficiency and achieve meaningful results.


With over a decade of offline retail success, the omnichannel retail mammoth faced an evolving threat of ecommerce dominance. Despite having its own website, it struggled to offer an extensive product range and a seamless online shopping experience. The outdated application hindered staff from listing new products, enriching website content, and executing effective marketing initiatives.

Approach and solution

To overcome these challenges, the firm enlisted Netscribes’ expertise in Adobe Commerce Implementation Services, progressing through the following phases:

  • UX Research: Leveraging data-driven insights, we identified enhancements for a clean and efficient website, ensuring seamless user experience.
  • PIM (Product Information Management): Adopting the Akeneo PIM system integrated with Magento 2, we streamlined product onboarding across sales channels. Integration with the client’s POS system and the Magento backend ensured efficient catalog management.
  • CMS (Content Management System): Recognizing the significance of high-quality content for product promotions, we implemented a customized CMS, facilitating the creation of landing pages, blog posts, and more.
  • User training: Conducting tailored training sessions empowered the retail player’s team to maximize the potential of the new implementation.

Results delivered

Our robust ecommerce solution helped the omnichannel retail store witness:

  • Mitigated downtime risk
  • Increased application availability
  • Significant reduction in page load time without cache (first-time load)
  • Minor reduction in page load time of cached pages

Client benefit

Equipped with our solution, the stalwart witnessed streamlined product management, that empowered marketing initiatives and helped achieve remarkable improvements in site performance.

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