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Adding products at scale through optimized catalog management

Adding products at scale through optimized catalog management

Product assortment are nothing but the range of products that an e-commerce business offers its customers. A well-curated product assortment can help e-commerce businesses to attract new customers, increase sales, and boost profits. However, growing a product assortment can be challenging for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. This is because it requires businesses to carefully select new products to add to their catalog, while also ensuring that their existing product catalog is up-to-date and optimized for search. In this case study, we will delve into how a leading Indian online marketplace partnered with Netscribes to leverage optimized catalog management and quickly grow its product assortment across key categories.

Objective and challenges

The client, one of India’s largest online marketplaces, needed to quickly grow its online product assortment to keep up with the growing customer demand and competition. However, it lacked the capability and resources to consistently organize, standardize and publish product-specific information provided by multiple sellers and brands. It was, therefore, in search of –

  • An effective cataloging solution that would help in expanding its product assortment quickly
  • Ensure that the product information is customer-ready
  • Create a catalog that consistently adhered to its cataloging guidelines


Netscribes set up specialized teams for managing the end-to-end cataloging process, which included data extraction, formatting, enhancing product descriptions and images, and making them ready for upload.


Netscribes gathered product-specific information received from sellers and reviewed as per the client’s guidelines. Using its proprietary automated platform, the team identified important product attributes from third-party websites, such as competitor, brand manufacturer and review sites. The product information was then enhanced to include the identified product attributes.

E-commerce product descriptions

Depending on the product category, the team wrote rich descriptions ranging between 150-600 words to include the information that customers are looking for.


The images shared by the seller were processed according to the guidelines, ensuring that specifications such as the resolution, dimension, clarity, and so on were met.


The client was able to quickly expand its product assortment across key categories. Through optimized catalog management, the client has been able to consistently add over 0.2 million unique SKUs per month to its e-commerce website.

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