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Leveraging sales intelligence for a multinational telco

Leveraging sales intelligence for a multinational telco

The telecommunications landscape is at a crossroads. Competition is fierce, margins are thin, and customer expectations are skyrocketing. In this hyper-connected and data-driven era, gaining a strategic edge requires more than just robust infrastructure and competitive pricing. Understanding your customers like never before, anticipating their needs, and tailoring your offerings accordingly – is the new currency of success. That’s where sales intelligence solution steps in. Read how one multinational telco utilized this powerful tool, i.e telecom sales intelligence to access actionable insights hidden within their sales data. 

Challenge and objectives 

Historical sales data can be a great approach to understand patterns, trends, regional nuances and becomes the bedrock of strategic decision-making. The telco stalwart desired to leverage its extensive sales data to extract valuable insights. By partnering with Netscribes, they sought to understand regional sales nuances, identify trends impacting performance, and utilize this knowledge to optimize resource allocation and future investments.

Approach and methodology

Netscribes employed a multi-faceted approach, combining technology, market, and business research analyses.

  • Leveraging the client’s CRM platform, the team accessed and analyzed ten years of sales data to ensure holistic data coverage.

Through in-depth data analysis, Netscribes generated actionable insights presented in clear and concise formats

  • Product sales were analyzed by line of business, regional variations, ticket size, wallet share, etc.
  • Pictorial representation and pivot tables were utilized to provide a single window view of trends across regions and product lines.

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Results delivered 

Netscribes’ multifaceted and in-depth solution gathering telecom sales intelligence delivered actionable insights. The stakeholder gained:

  • Insightful information on sales trends: A deeper understanding of insightful sales pattersand performance drivers.
  • Growth roadmap: Actionable recommendations for future investments and growth initiatives based on identified trends and opportunities.
  • Areas for Improvement: Netscribes further identified areas where sales conversion could be improved through targeted strategies such as cross-selling and up-selling.

These recommendations provided the client with actionable steps to unlock additional growth potential.

Client benefits

Netscribes’ sales intelligence solution proved instrumental in empowering the multinational telco to leverage the value of its historical sales data. By gaining actionable insights and strategic recommendations, the stalwart could optimize operations, make informed decisions, and embark on a path of sustained growth in the dynamic telecommunications landscape

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