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In today’s fast-paced business environment, there’s immense pressure on sales and marketing teams to drive increased revenue by acquiring new customers. Netscribes Sales Intelligence improves your sales performance by taking away the time and effort spent in prospecting and building sales databases. We strengthen sales teams with qualified leads and provide detailed insights about buyer personas to help them sell better and convert prospects into customers.

Netscribes Sales Intelligence works at each stage of the sales prospecting funnel


At this stage, you are probably just aware of the company names that could be your potential clients. However, you need to determine these companies’ revenue and financial position to be able to qualify them as leads. Netscribes provides validated company information, such as the company revenue, funding history, capex, and IT budget, and so on, and filters the initial list based on your definition of a high-quality lead.


You have shortlisted a few companies based on the above-mentioned information and now require additional data
points that would enable you to perform due diligence and further shortlist the companies. At this stage, Netscribes will provide brief company profiles with key information snippets regarding the company’s business, and their financial and IT landscape.


You have arrived at the final list of companies that you wish to engage with. At this stage, Netscribes will help you by providing in-depth and comprehensive company profiles, with key information about the company’s business, such as their capabilities, their financial and IT landscape. This will enable you to approach and engage with the right people and have successful conversions.


Key Features


Company Profiling

We develop detailed profiles of target companies, focusing on their capabilities, senior management teams, funding history, office locations, and social media presence. Netscribes analysts create profiles of management members, track and analyze PE- and VC-backed transactions, such as M&A, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, and early- and late-stage funding rounds.



Executive Research

We identify prospects, profile and capture relevant prospect information, such as contact details, needs, buying preferences, and company information. We analyze this information to provide deeper insights, such as estimating the executive’s compensation, identifying their position in the organization chart, tracking their movement across companies, and so on.


IT Contract and Project Analysis

IT Contract and Project Analysis

Smart selling requires a deep understanding of the prospect’s needs and the competitive landscape. You need to know the real competition, their capabilities, and determine a competitive price point for closing a deal. Netscribes provides an exhaustive analysis of past IT contracts and projects that enables sales teams to strategize and formulate relevant solutions for prospects. The analysis includes the following:

  • Overview-of-deals Overview of deals
  • Engagement-analysi Engagement analysis
  • Contract-expiry-analysis Contract expiry analysis
  • Competitor footprint by business function Competitor footprint by business function
  • Competitor footprint by functional area Competitor footprint by functional area



Battle Cards

We provide battle cards to help sales reps handle objections and communicate your value proposition effectively. Our battle cards help sales reps better explain the value and benefits of your product or service over the competition by identifying competitor solution gaps.


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Support

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Support

We provide consultation and advice on the trends in your industry, initiatives being taken by the competition, and identify how your solutions can benefit strategic client accounts to help you offer relevant offerings to key accounts.

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