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Catalog scoring and quality seller support for an e-commerce marketplace

Catalog scoring and quality seller support for an e-commerce marketplace

Our client, a non-profit Section 8 organization backed by the Government of India, aimed to create an open and trustworthy e-commerce ecosystem. They needed accurate, reliable product information while eliminating inappropriate content. Manual checks were tedious. Netscribes stepped in with an automated solution. We performed quality checks, maintained fortnightly vetting, and conducted near real-time catalog scoring and quality. Our automated platform covered Completeness, Compliance, and Correctness. It verified mandatory attributes and performed additional catalog quality checks, ensuring an accuracy rate exceeding 90%. Sellers benefitted by enhancing their product information. Download the case study to know the full story.


Objective and challenges

Facilitating a non-monopolistic e-commerce system, our client wanted to ensure that the product attributes and information displayed to their end consumers are accurate, reliable, and void of inappropriate content. With manual validation checks being time-consuming and error-prone, the company sought Netscribes’ automated catalog scoring expertise. The e-commerce stalwart essentially wanted –

  • Quality checks are to be performed on their sellers’ product catalogs based on various standard validations for different categories
  • Sellers listed on their portal need to have their product catalogs vetted for quality every fortnight to maintain quality standards
  • Catalog scoring to be done in near real-time to help the client make timely decisions

Approach and solution

As a CSSP (Catalog Scoring Service Provider) to the e-commerce marketplace, we equipped them with a completely automated platform. As per their requirements, we configured the system based on the categorization of these validations into three areas referred to as the 3Cs: Completeness, Compliance, and Correctness. The validations for each “C’s” that was performed by Netscribes’ automated catalog scoring platform were as follows:

  • Completeness: Verify the presence of mandatory attributes such as product name, brand, and price in the seller-provided sheet
  • Compliance: Conduct validations related to both text and images of the product. It checks for inappropriate text or images in the product details and ensures quality catalogs by checking on the presence of necessary information like FSSAI number and expiry date in the images
  • Correctness: Perform additional validations on the available data. This includes text, numeric, and image validations. Some examples of these validations include checking for title casing, identifying gibberish keywords, detecting duplicate images, verifying if the text on the product package corresponds to the actual product, and confirming the presence of required information (e.g., product name, brand) in the product images.

Results delivered

After conducting all the necessary validation checks, scores were calculated for each product based on the assigned weightage for each validation. The results also include a seller summary, highlighting key observations that could help improve the catalog quality, scoring, resulting in enhanced accuracy and quality of product information. By partnering with us to digital commerce giant received:


By utilizing the scores obtained from the 3Cs, the e-commerce mammoth was able to utilize this information and analyze catalog quality to determine whether the product could be displayed on their platform. Additionally, we also offered sellers assistance with enriching their product information, to fill in the requisite gaps, and keep consistent track of their catalog’s quality as per the platform’s mandate.

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