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Enhanced product content to increase conversion rates

Enhanced product content to increase conversion rates

In the fiercely competitive world of e-commerce, where product listings are the lifeblood of sales, the quality of product information can make or break a business. Online marketplaces are constantly striving to enhance the content provided by their sellers to improve customer trust, conversions, and satisfaction. In this case study, we delve into a real-world challenge faced by a leading online marketplace. This marketplace was grappling with high product return rates and lackluster conversions, primarily due to incomplete and inaccurate product listings provided by their sellers. Read how the marketplace collaborated with Netscribes to obtain enhanced product content and drive impressive results.


  • A leading online marketplace was facing high product return rates and low conversions on certain high-value products listed by sellers.
  • It had a basic listing service that allowed its sellers to list product information, which included a short product description and images. However, this data was inadequate and often had missing or inaccurate product information. This resulted in poor conversions, negative reviews, and high return rates.
  • The rising competition in the e-commerce space placed an increasing burden on the retailer to improve the content of these products.


  • The client partnered with Netscribes for its industry-leading content services. We for our part set up a dedicated team of e-commerce content experts who worked with the sellers to enrich the product information.
  • The client shared the unique ID for each of the products with us. Using these IDs, our team connected with their respective sellers to obtain detailed information about the products.
  • Next we carefully analyzed each product description to identify gaps such as missing or incorrect information.
  • To understand what influences customers when making a purchase decision, the team at Netscribes analyzed user-generated data such as product reviews to identify product features and attributes that matter most to customers. The team used these insights to enrich the product information with details that customers typically look for when shopping for those products.
  • The enriched product content included detailed and informative content explaining important attributes and features using the right images and text. After a thorough quality check, we successfully submitted the enriched content to the client within seven business days.


The company witnessed lower return rates and increased conversions for the selected products within a short period of time. Following the success, more products were enriched which
saw an increase in conversion by around 20%. Netscribes continues to be a trusted partner
to the client for e-commerce content services.

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