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Efficient catalog management services for wholesale marketplace sellers

Efficient catalog management services for wholesale marketplace sellers

Product catalog management is a critical process for any retail business, but it can be especially challenging for large and complex catalogs. Wholesale sellers in the B2B market often have to manage catalogs with thousands of products, and these catalogs can be constantly changing. This can lead to a number of problems, such as inaccurate product data, errors in pricing and availability information, and difficulty keeping up with changes. Wholesale sellers in the B2B market rely on their product catalogs to attract and retain customers. Efficient B2B catalog management can help wholesale sellers:

  • Showcase their products in a professional and appealing way
  • Provide buyers with easy access to the information they need to make informed purchase decisions
  • Improve the customer experience by making it easy for buyers to find and purchase the products they need

In this case study, we will take a look at how Netscribes helped a leading retail giant to streamline its catalog management processes, improve its bottom line, and stay ahead of the competition.

Objective and challenges

The retail giant aimed to reduce the overall effort for its wholesale sellers in the B2B market. Sellers had been spending a significant amount of time creating and managing their lengthy and complex product catalogs.The objective of the engagement was to simplify time-consuming processes related to catalog management, including:

  • Sorting products into categories and reviewing their details for quality assurance
  • Allocating products according to SKU IDs and other significant IDs
  • Updating existing file format data for efficient storage and data management

Approach and solution

The stalwart collaborated with Netscribes to create a comprehensive and advanced automated workflow module, aiming to establish it as the ultimate cataloging solution for wholesale sellers in B2B marketplaces. This module incorporated the following enhanced features:

  • Unified platform: The module provided a centralized platform for efficiently processing seller catalogs and notifying buyers about upcoming products
  • Seamless communication: Mailing features were integrated to facilitate smooth communication between wholesale sellers and their stakeholders
  • Accelerated QC review: The module implemented an accelerated quality control review process to expedite the catalog review and ensure its accuracy
  • Robust data storage: A reliable data storage facility was incorporated to securely store processed catalogs and associated information
  • SKU information cross-examination: The module integrated a streamlined and effective workflow to cross-examine SKU information, ensuring the absence of profanity or inappropriate content
  • User-friendly dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard was provided to sellers, enabling them to track the uploading status of their catalogs conveniently

Results delivered

The solution delivered to the client was in the form of an add-on module integrated with their e-commerce platform. This module is closely integrated with their ERP system SAP. It facilitated:

  • Seamless API integration allowing for direct import of SKU data to the module. Earlier, this data import process was manual.
  • Sellers can process SKU data on the module for compliance checks and review the same. Earlier, data processing had been done in excel.


Through close collaboration with Netscribes, the retail mammoth successfully streamlined its catalog management processes and achieved:

  • Overall effort in catalog processing was reduced by an average 40% for all sellers
  • Improved quality with 3Cs (completeness, correctness and compliance) check for all SKUs

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