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Seamless onboarding and catalog support for a B2B marketplace

Seamless onboarding and catalog support for a B2B marketplace

Onboarding and catalog support are two critical aspects of any B2B marketplace. A smooth and efficient onboarding process can help attract and retain sellers, while a well-managed catalog can make it easier for buyers to find the products they need.

For one Dubai-based B2B marketplace platform, onboarding and catalog support were particularly important. The company was new to the market and needed to quickly add Indian sellers to its platform in order to expand its reach and tap into the African market. Explores how Netscribes helped the company achieve its goals. As a result, the company was able to quickly add Indian sellers to its platform and expand its market reach. Keep reading to learn how.

Objective and challenges

The company sought to establish a dedicated team responsible for reaching out to Indian sellers, presenting their Dubai-based B2B marketplace platform, and facilitating their onboarding process. Following the onboarding phase, a separate team would handle client relationships and cataloging on the platform. As a new marketplace, it faced the challenge of not having any sellers listed from India. To address this, the firm aimed to form a team of experts capable of overseeing the end-to-end process, including seller identification, onboarding, transition, engagement, and product listings.

The organization sought Netscribes’ expertise in –

  • Adding Indian sellers across all industries and persuading them to trade in the African market.
  • Gaining visibility into effective seller onboarding practices and engagement techniques
  • Partnering with a firm proficient in content creation and product listings
  • Conducting research activities to identify and attract Indian sellers
  • Identifying trending categories in the African market and establishing a streamlined approach to target those categories effectively

Approach and solution

To fulfill these objectives, the firm collaborated with us to devise a plan ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity. Netscribes assembled a robust team of over 70 professionals possessing the necessary skill sets. Our team implemented a seamless process flow and accomplished the following:

  • Swift planned staffing requirements using multiple hiring sources.
  • Developed a database of over 150,000 Indian sellers using various research tools and channels.
  • Onboarded approximately 4500 sellers across India, representing various industries.
  • Formed teams of content and image editors, along with relationship managers, to publish 150,000 high-quality SKUs.
  • Established a unit of field associates who were curated to visit high-priority & unreachable sellers to offer proactive assistance to gather images and product attributes at their doorstep.
  • Maintained a 95% quality standard throughout the delivery process.
  • Actively and regularly engaged with the client, adopting a proactive and consultative approach.
  • Provided post-sales support services beyond the expected scope, including platform training and conducting webinars on common topics.
  • Conducted daily productivity and quality tracking, along with regular reviews
  • Held weekly status reviews on productivity, turnaround time (TAT), and quality
  • Conducted monthly and quarterly business reviews.
  • Engaged in regular discussions with the client to address improvement areas and challenges, focusing on implementing best practices.
  • Conducted regular feedback sessions.
  • Ensured continuous training and feedback sessions to bridge any knowledge gaps.

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Results delivered

Our efforts yielded the following outcomes for the firm:

  • Successfully added Indian sellers to their existing seller universe.
  • Conducted a targeted analysis of the universe’s reaction to the client’s platform and service offerings.
  • Facilitated quick onboarding of sellers, enabling the client to implement a swift go-to-market strategy.
  • Ensured sellers’ understanding of the company’s policies and best practices.
  • Established strong connections with sellers, providing them with dedicated account managers to address ongoing queries.

Client benefit

Our solution helped the company successfully add Indian sellers to its B2B marketplace platform, provide catalog support services, expand its market reach, and tap into a vast pool of potential customers in the African market.

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