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Establishing Industry Authority with Digital Identity Management

Establishing Industry Authority with Digital Identity Management

Customers increasingly seek brands led by visionary leaders who can navigate complex challenges and articulate a clear path forward. This is where a strategic digital identity management (DIM) program comes into play. This case study explores how Netscribes used a digital identity management program to transform a global technology company’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO) into a recognized authority within the industry.

The Challenge and Objective

The technology major wanted to leverage the CGO’s influence to amplify brand recognition and solidify its position as a thought leader. However, they faced challenges in building the CGO’s online presence, identifying the most effective thought leadership content strategy, and standing out in a crowded digital landscape.

Solutions proposed

Netscribes devised a detailed plan to address these challenges and achieve the client’s objectives. This plan included:

  • Competitor intelligence and personalized content: Benchmarking the CGO’s competitors’ digital footprint and content strategies (competitor analysis) to inform the development of a customized content calendar with original thought leadership pieces for LinkedIn and other relevant platforms.
  • Targeted audience engagement: Identifying key influencers and potential prospects on LinkedIn to foster meaningful connections, expand reach, and encourage audience interaction with the CGO’s content.
  • Multi-platform amplification: Strategically placing content on platforms like LinkedIn and Forbes Council to maximize reach and engagement.


The DIM program yielded impressive results:

  • The CGO’s LinkedIn profile engagement surged by 89%
  • Follower growth exceeded 200%, with numbers jumping from 900 to over 2,000 within the first phase of implementation
  • Thought leadership content on Forbes Council further solidified the CGO’s industry authority

Lessons learned and Future recommendations

The project with the global technology leader underscored the importance of a data-driven approach. Analyzing competitor strategies and audience preferences is essential to crafting a winning thought leadership content strategy. Tailoring the DIM program to the specific leader’s needs ensures maximum impact. Additionally, utilizing various platforms like LinkedIn and industry publications expands reach and establishes a robust online presence. To further amplify the leader’s voice and engagement, Netscribes recommends expanding content reach to additional social media platforms and publications. Interactive content formats like video content or live Q&A sessions can also be considered. Finally, continued data analysis and adaptation of the content strategy based on audience response are crucial for sustained success.

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