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nutraceutical excipient market

Market assessment of nutraceutical supplements and excipients in India

The nutraceutical supplements and excipients market in India is witnessing significant growth, driven by a number of factors, including rising awareness of health and wellness, increasing disposable incomes, and a growing aging popu...

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Assessment of Service Contracts

Assessment of Service Contracts in India for Imaging and Ultrasound

For healthcare technology providers, service contracts are key to shaping innovation and patient care. More than agreements, they promise reliability and top-notch performance. A subsidiary of a prominent American multinational cong...

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Market assessment - Charge Card company

Market assessment to develop market insights for a major Charge card company

In the realm of BFSI, gaining a competitive edge necessitates a profound grasp of evolving consumer behaviors and market dynamics. A major market research company collaborated with us to delve into changing consumer preferences in t...

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ADAS analysis

IVI architecture and ADAS analysis of the top three OEMs for a global motor vehicle manufacturer

In the dynamic realm of motor vehicle manufacturing, staying at the forefront demands deep understanding and strategic insights. In the below case study we undertook an ADAS and IVI architecture analysis, dissecting the approaches o...

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e-commerce technology trends

Extensive analysis on e-commerce trends & market landscape for a tech giant

A global technology conglomerate was eager to gain insights into e-commerce trends in 2022 as it provided brands and organizations, with advertising platforms wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the emerging market disru...

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mobility as a service

Decoding the Urban Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) landscape in Europe

Discover how a prominent professional services firm gained a competitive edge by uncovering the secrets of this dynamic ecosystem. Our case study reveals strategies for market expansion, technological insights, and success stories f...

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business data information

Building an information hub for a financial database platform

Against the backdrop of a fast-paced market for database platforms, one prominent player sought to supercharge its capabilities for growth and expansion. Partnering strategically with Netscribes, this client aimed to revolutionize i...

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compliance prequalification

Streamlining compliance prequalification for a leading supply chain risk management firm

In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, compliance is more important than ever. Businesses need to ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable regulations in order to protect themselves from costl...

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executive data

Updating executive data across 30,000 firms for a leading online corporate database

For business today, accurate and complete executive data is essential for making informed decisions. This data can be used to identify potential partners, assess risk, and make better strategic decisions. However, collecting and man...

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compliance automation

Compliance automation revolutionized supplier onboarding for a supply chain management leader

Precision and efficiency are paramount when it comes to supply chain management. Our latest case study delves into the challenges faced by a prominent Utah-based leader in this field. With a substantial supplier database, rigorous a...

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data collection automation

Data collection automation for a leading UK-based investment firm

In a data-centric research landscape, staying competitive demands innovative solutions. Our latest case study delves into the challenges faced by a client heavily reliant on manual data collection from public news sources and forums...

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B2B customer feedback

B2B feedback analysis: Uncovering customer-based product improvement insights

Objective and challenges The objective was to understand targeted B2B customer feedback and opinions on green electricity-based compressors and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The client wanted to streamline improvisation cycles as ...

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Plastic circular economy

Understanding India’s plastic circular economy: Waste management & recycling

Global corporations are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable practices, even in emerging markets like India. India’s plastic management market is being driven by factors such as increasing urbanization, risin...

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voluntary carbon offset market

Supply-side ecosystem and pricing analysis: Voluntary carbon offset market

The voluntary carbon offset market ecosystem is a complex network of entities and mechanisms designed to address the issue of carbon emissions and their impact on climate change. The goal of this ecosystem is to facilitate the reduc...

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Seamless onboarding and catalog support

Seamless onboarding and catalog support for a B2B marketplace

Onboarding and catalog support are two critical aspects of any B2B marketplace. A smooth and efficient onboarding process can help attract and retain sellers, while a well-managed catalog can make it easier for buyers to find the pr...

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