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Effective video analytics solution for a US-based energy drink manufacturer

Effective video analytics solution for a US-based energy drink manufacturer

Influencer marketing thrives on social media influencers, and video analytics is essential for gauging campaign success by providing insights into viewer engagement and product visibility, enabling strategic optimization. Discover how a leading US energy drink brand overcame the challenge of monitoring extensive influencer streams. Leveraging a custom deep learning model and systematic data scrutiny, Netscribes delivered actionable insights, optimizing influencer marketing strategies and saving over 3200 man-hours monthly. Explore how our video analytics solution for the energy drink brand not only enhanced promotional activity monitoring but also contributed to resource optimization and strategic decision-making.


The brand faced a formidable challenge in monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of promotions undertaken by influencers. With influencers often streaming games for a long duration, ranging from 6 to 24 hours or more, manually reviewing and extracting insights from these videos became an arduous and time-consuming task.

Approach and solution

In response to this energy drink brand’s video analytics challenge, Netscribes devised a comprehensive methodology employing cutting-edge techniques:

  • Custom deep learning model: Our team developed a bespoke deep learning model specifically for object detection within video frames. The model efficiently identifies the logo placement of the energy drink product, detects instances of active promotion (such as influencers consuming the energy drink), and gauges the duration of such active promotion.
  • Data scrutiny: A systematic approach was adopted to scrape and scrutinize data from all influencer posts. This involved parsing through keywords to identify and confirm instances of product promotion.
  • Effectiveness scoring: Leveraging the insights gained from logo detection, active promotion in streaming videos, and social media posts, a scoring system was implemented. This score serves as a quantifiable measure of the effectiveness of the promotion for each influencer.
  • Insight generation: On a weekly basis, comprehensive insights are generated, highlighting the effectiveness of promotions.  This enables the client to make informed decisions and refine their influencer marketing strategy.

Results delivered

The implementation of Netscribes’ video analytics solution has yielded substantial benefits for the US energy drink brand:

  • Efficient data processing: Over 3000 social media posts scraped and analyzed on a weekly basis, providing a robust dataset for evaluation.
  • Video analysis: With more than 5000 hours of video data analyzed monthly, the client gains a detailed understanding of how influencers promote the energy drink during gaming sessions.
  • Time and resource savings: The integration of the deep learning model has resulted in approximately 3200 man-hours saved per month. This time efficiency allows the firm to redirect resources towards more strategic endeavors.

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Client benefit

Armed with Netscribes’ video analytics solution, the energy drink manufacturer received actionable insights, enabling them to optimize their influencer marketing campaigns efficiently. The implementation not only enhanced the monitoring of promotional activities but also contributed significantly to resource optimization and strategic decision-making.

Uncover how Netscribes’ comprehensive video analytics solution can help you drive effective marketing efforts through razor-sharp customer-brand strategies.
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