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Extensive analysis on e-commerce trends & market landscape for a tech giant

Extensive analysis on e-commerce trends & market landscape for a tech giant

A global technology conglomerate was eager to gain insights into e-commerce trends in 2022 as it provided brands and organizations, with advertising platforms wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the emerging market disruptions. It was searching for a partner that could provide insights, facilitating its client marketing and sales teams to develop effective strategies. 

Netscribes carried out a multi-faceted market trend analysis which enabled the client to identify the target market, major influences, the latest developments, initiatives, and trends in the e-commerce space. To get an in-depth view of how Netscribes helped the stalwart assess factors slated to dictate the future of the global e-commerce realm, download the case study.

Objective and scope

Focused on strengthening its position as a leading advertising platform for e-commerce, the client, a leading tech social and advertising multinational company needed an in-depth insights report on the emerging trends in the e-commerce industry in 2022. The report was targeted at the technology firm’s client marketing and sales teams, offering a global industry perspective on emerging e-commerce trends.

Realizing that it needed a partner with proven research expertise, the tech giant partnered with Netscribes for a detailed report on:

  • The latest online shopper trends
  • Market size and ad expenditure for different subcategories (F&B, Furniture, Electronics, etc.)
  • Marketing spend projections by media channels
  • The impact of Apple’s privacy policy on global and regional advertisers

Methodology and approach

Netscribes’ team of research experts closely assessed information available on various secondary domains and gathered intelligence from multiple sources including:

  • 3rd party consulting reports
  • Consumers’ and retailers’ surveys
  • News articles and blogs

The entire process was categorized into five sections:

  • The first section focused on consumer expenditure and their post-pandemic attitude toward retail. It also covered the strategies undertaken by retailers to shift to digital channels and the impact of fraudulent reviews and websites on sales.
  • The second section focused on the marketing and media expenditure across various e-commerce verticals, plans for international expansion, and the impact of the Apple privacy policy on the advertisement industry.
  • The third section focused on emerging retail media networks (RMNs) and their offerings to eCommerce brands.
  • The fourth section focused on the emerging digital and traditional television advertising format, the importance of creators in e-commerce media planning, and the increasing focus of brands on sustainability.
  • The final section focused on the future of the e-commerce industry trends in terms of projection on expenditure and AR/VR usage, technology adoption, innovations, and advertisers’ challenges. 

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Equipped with these insights the technology stalwart was able to gain an extensive understanding of the factors impacting the present and future of the global e-commerce trends, especially within technology. The assessment included identifying the target market, major influences, the latest developments, initiatives, and trends among other aspects in the e-commerce space. These together, helped our client build an in-depth insights report for its internal and client marketing teams.

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