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IVI architecture and ADAS analysis of the top three OEMs for a global motor vehicle manufacturer

IVI architecture and ADAS analysis of the top three OEMs for a global motor vehicle manufacturer

In the dynamic realm of motor vehicle manufacturing, staying at the forefront demands deep understanding and strategic insights. In the below case study we undertook an ADAS and IVI architecture analysis, dissecting the approaches of leading OEMs. By scrutinizing their aspirations, software frameworks, supplier dynamics, and best practices, we unearthed crucial benchmarks and success stories. Leveraging this intelligence, our client not only bolstered their technological readiness but also gained a comprehensive understanding of their competitors. This knowledge empowered them to make data-driven decisions, ensuring they remain leaders in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.


To retain their position as a leader in motor vehicle manufacturing, the client was keen on understanding the approach and best practices followed by the top three OEMs in designing the ADAS and IVI architecture through an in-depth analysis. The client also sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of how OEMs are maintaining seamless functioning and user interface of ADAS and IVI stack in their respective platforms.

To understand this the luxury OEM wanted to:

  • Outline the vehicle ADAS and IVI architecture of the top three OEMs and their goal toward developing software platforms>
  • Identify the design philosophy and best practices in developing ADAS and IVI architecture
  • Benchmark prime attributes of the ADAS and IVI architecture of the top three OEMs:
    • Architecture framework
    • OS, middleware, and software stack
    • Technology readiness and supplier readiness
    • Adoption timeline

Solution and approach

To meet the organization’s ask, Netscribes conducted in-depth step-by-step research analysis to unravel the ADAS and IVI architecture approach of top-3 OEMs. The analysis consisted of four steps focused on the following:

  • Step 1- OEM approach and aspirations
  • Step 2- OS, Middleware, and Software Stack Architecture
  • Step 3- Identify best practices
  • Step 4- Technology readiness/ Supplier dynamic

Netscribes identified and conducted an analysis of the ADAS and IVI architecture approach and aspirations of the top three OEMs through a comprehensive, strategic framework. Through the framework, Netscribes also effectively outlined their best practices, technology readiness, and supplier dynamics. The framework is as follows

Demand side

OEM approach and aspirations

  • Mapping OEM aspirations with SW approach/framework
  • Designing and structuring of software architecture and framework
  • Creating a roadmap for ADAS and infotainment architecture development
  • Fixing on whether to follow a manufacturing or buying approach

OS, Middleware, and Software Stack Architecture

  • ADAS & IVI architecture layout
  • Software architecture technology breakdown by OEMs
  • OTA update framework followed for ADAS and infotainment
  • Direction and outlook

Identify best practices

  • Identify best practices in designing and developing software architecture/framework for ADAS & IVI analysis
  • Success stories and key challenges faced


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Supply side

Supplier dynamics

  • Software technology supplier mapping
  • OEM-Supplier dynamics
  • Who-supplies-whom (best effort basis)

Results and benefits 

Leveraging insights generated from the research, the client was able to enhance their technological readiness and the time taken for adoption.  This also helped them acquire a comprehensive understanding of the ADAS and IVI architecture approach of the top three OEMs and their key attributes and best practices.

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