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Building an information hub for a financial database platform

Building an information hub for a financial database platform

Against the backdrop of a fast-paced market for database platforms, one prominent player sought to supercharge its capabilities for growth and expansion. Partnering strategically with Netscribes, this client aimed to revolutionize its business data information-driven services. This case study delves into the dynamic journey of how they harnessed collaborative expertise, dedicated resources, and a multifaceted research approach to not only meet but exceed their objectives. Learn how innovation and collaboration drove remarkable results, process improvements, and top-line growth.


In pursuit of substantial growth, both in terms of transaction diversity within the US and global coverage, the client, a prominent player in the private equity and venture capital information sector, sought to elevate its delivery capabilities. To achieve this, they entered into a strategic partnership with Netscribes, leveraging our offshore resources for enhanced business information database expansion.

Approach and solution

In addressing the client’s business data information expansion needs, we implemented a progressive approach:

  • A 5-member team was initially deployed to serve as the primary information provider for the client. This team played a crucial role in supporting the client’s growth by consistently delivering accurate and timely data for their expansive database.
  • Over a span of 6 months, the team size experienced significant growth, increasing to 34 dedicated resources. As of now, the robust team boasts of more than 200 highly skilled personnel.
  • The team executed a comprehensive profiling exercise covering private equity and venture capital investors, as well as companies with historical or current affiliations to private equity or venture capital backing.
  • A multifaceted approach was employed that included extensive secondary research, meticulous news sourcing, data categorization, and a thorough examination of global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities.

Results delivered

By deploying a multi-faceted business data information research approach, our analysts were able to deliver the following results for the firm.

  • By refining and documenting the organization’s research process, an overall process improvement was achieved.
  • As a result of these enhancements, there was a substantial increase in productivity. The approximate number of profiles handled by analysts went up from 3.5 to 8 per day.

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Client benefit

Netscribes’ collaborative effort with the firm’s sales team involved crafting tailor-made sample solutions for their clients. This bespoke approach directly facilitated an increase in the company’s top-line growth, demonstrating the tangible benefits of our partnership in driving revenue expansion.

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