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E2W and E3W market assessment case study

A leading two-wheeler manufacturer dives into E2W and E3W market assessment

Growth in the global E2W and E3W markets is accelerating. India offers the world’s largest untapped market in the E2W segment. It is growing at a nascent stage and accounts for less than 1% of the total 2W sales.   Falling b...

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Building comprehensive contact list database for leading global telecom giant

A leading global telecom service provider sought best-in-class data on corporate prospects across specific locations. Building such a database needed accurate data, verified with specific filters on designations and functions. The t...

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customized database financial services

Tapping into New Markets with Customized Databases

Our client, a global financial services provider, wanted to develop an extensive database of key finance decision-makers in corporations across specific geographies. Adhering to the set research criteria and comprehensive of specifi...

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insight driven lead generation

Achieving a 33% lead conversion rate through data-driven insights

A sales strategy backed by research and deep account insights helps close more deals and build lasting customer relationships. An insight-driven lead generation process allows businesses to focus more on engaging high-value customer...

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brand performance management insurance

Measuring brand performance for a leading insurance provider

A strong brand resonates with its customers for years. Maintaining and strengthening brand performance requires periodically tracking and measuring its strength across various metrics. A brand performance management (BPM) study prov...

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OTT music streaming

OTT music streaming provider gains deep market insights to formulate social commerce strategies

Developing proactive strategies to better penetrate the market and increase market share requires an accurate and multi-dimensional view of your industry. It provides a clear picture of the competitive landscape, emerging opportunit...

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Hepatitis B treatment market assessment

Assessment of China’s Hepatitis B treatment market

After COVID, the life sciences industry has seen a rapid acceleration of technological advancements, making it more critical than ever for industry players to keep abreast of current and emerging treatments for their respective ther...

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Brand compliance on online marketplaces - Netscribes Digital Analytics

Digital Shelf Analytics: Managing brand compliance across online marketplaces

Any company focused on maintaining its brand value will pay close attention to providing a consistent and superior customer experience across its online and offline channels. With e-commerce growing from strength to strength, one of...

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epidemiological case study

Epidemiological study and market assessment of formulae for Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease

As the healthcare industry continues to experience upheavals induced by the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever to get a detailed overview of customer needs, preferences, and behavior, to align business strategies accordin...

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healthcare market analysis

Market landscape analysis of migraine, pain, and Parkinson’s disease

In the dynamic healthcare industry, it is critical to obtain an accurate and comprehensive view of the market environment to inform and facilitate product development, portfolio, and marketing decisions.   A leading pharmaceuti...

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market opportunity analysis-indirect-taxation system Netscribes

Market opportunity analysis of indirect taxation software

Before entering a market, businesses need to examine aspects like existing value propositions, regulations, demand, and competition, among other potential influencers. A market opportunity analysis helps identify and evaluate such a...

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integrating digital content with textbooks

Enabling seamless integration of digital course material with textbooks

In the digital age, education institutions are shifting from books to bytes to enhance students’ learning experiences. Moreover, rapid innovation continues to disrupt traditional teaching methods. Digital education is increasi...

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Building a specialized database of construction projects

Building a specialized database of construction projects with accurate information

Specialized databases help businesses address specific needs within their organizations. In the news and media industry, specialized databases help organizations meet the information and analysis needs of their customers. It allows ...

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Customer review analytics

Analyzing customer reviews for e-commerce marketplace success

User-generated content, especially customer reviews are a goldmine of insights for any player in the e-commerce realm. They reveal how your customers think, the search terms they use,  their core buying intent, the features they se...

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Integrated research solution

Integrated research solution for a leading global telecom firm

Every business determined to stay in the lead needs a dedicated research base for reliable and timely industry insights to power strategic decisions. A leading telecom firm wanted to establish a similar research delivery process to ...

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