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Unveiling audio product growth opportunities in India through market assessment

Unveiling audio product growth opportunities in India through market assessment

The audio product market in 2024 is characterized by innovation, diversification, and a focus on meeting the evolving needs and preferences of consumers in an increasingly connected and technologically advanced world. In a bid to conquer the Indian headphones and earphones market, the Indian subsidiary of a well-established German manufacturer of audio equipment undertook a comprehensive product market assessment. This case study delves into the approach taken by Netscribes, a market research firm, to uncover valuable customer insights, growth opportunities, and the ever-changing market dynamics within the Indian audio product landscape.


Objective and Challenge 

The India unit of a renowned German manufacturer specializing in microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems, and conference systems embarked on a quest for comprehensive insights into the Indian headphones and earphones market. The objective was to garner a profound understanding of market dynamics, customer preferences, and growth opportunities across


Approach and solution

To accomplish the outlined objectives, Netscribes devised an exhaustive primary research and product market assessment study, characterized by:

  • Engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders, including 8 respondents, 2 dealers, and 2 market experts, to gain multifaceted perspectives.
  • Conducting qualitative research to delve deep into purchasing factors, brand perceptions, and drivers shaping buying behavior.
  • Analyzing prevailing trends such as the paradigm shift towards online sales and the impact of technological advancements on product differentiation

Market Assessment for Audio Products in India 

Brand Recommendation Score

4 out of 8 respondents said they were very likely to refer certain audio products while the other 4 said they were likely to do the same.

Perception on the Owned Audio Products

Majority of the respondents mentioned durability of the audio product, smooth quality of sound, and brand image as the main factors taken into consideration while purchasing audio products of premium brands.


Results delivered

  • Identification of distinct customer segments and their propensity to invest in premium audio products, shedding light on market segmentation and target demographics.
  • Evaluation of factors influencing market growth, encompassing regional nuances, competitive landscape, and emerging trends.
  • Assessment of market potential and growth opportunities across different Indian regions, discerning consumer behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns.

Client benefit 

Deep and insightful product market assessment delivered by Netscribes provided the audio brand with actionable insights, enabling them to navigate the dynamic Indian audio products market with confidence and strategic foresight. By leveraging these insights, the client stands poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive sustainable growth in the fiercely competitive landscape.

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