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Measuring brand performance for a leading insurance provider

Measuring brand performance for a leading insurance provider

A strong brand resonates with its customers for years. Maintaining and strengthening brand performance requires periodically tracking and measuring its strength across various metrics. A brand performance management (BPM) study provides in-depth data and competitive analysis that identifies key improvement areas.


Our client, a leading general insurance provider in India, wanted to measure its brand’s performance in the market relative to competition across multiple metrics. Netscribes conducted an annual BPM survey and presented an exhaustive analysis of its findings. The insights derived from the study enabled our client to identify the strengths in their product portfolio and develop future strategies targeted towards expanding their customer base while maintaining and increasing their brand loyalty.


Explore how Netscribes’ consumer research solutions provided the client with an unbiased view of where its brand stood relative to the competition and actionable insights to strengthen their brand in the coming years.


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