The best practices for respondent sourcing at C-level and its advantages

respondent sourcing at C-level


When conducting market research studies that require sourcing C-level respondents, researchers often use purposive or purposeful sampling, which involves selecting participants who fit specific characteristics of interest. The following steps can be taken to source C-level respondents for a study:

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Identify desired characteristics:

  1. Create a list of characteristics that the ideal respondents should have, such as age, gender, years of experience, industry, or region. For example, the study might require participants who are purchase heads, sales heads, or marketing heads.

Sample selection:

  1. Identify and select individuals who meet the desired criteria, and use them as the sample for the respondent sourcing at C-level study.


  1. Determine where the sample can be found. This may include their company premises, virtual platforms, or other relevant locations where suitable individuals can be identified.

Network sampling:

  1. Ask the initial respondents if they know anyone else who could be included in the study, to expand the sample size. This is known as network sampling.

Contact potential participants:

  1. Contact the individuals who have been suggested by the initial C-level sourcing respondents , and who also meet the desired characteristics for the study.

Refine the sample:

  1. Refine the sample by eliminating participants who do not meet the required criteria.

Advantages of selecting C-level respondents:

  • The C-level sourcing respondent has adequate knowledge about the industry as well as his profession
  • They have all the detailed insights about their company
  • Since they are the key decision maker, we can get major insights about the company like key strategies, future growth strategies, etc.
  • They may be having insights about the upcoming industrial developments.
  • They may give insightful information about the industrial risk the company is facing.

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Based on insights by Poulami Paul, Consumer Insights specialists (Market Intelligence), Netscribes.

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