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B2B feedback analysis: Uncovering customer-based product improvement insights

B2B feedback analysis: Uncovering customer-based product improvement insights

Objective and challenges

The objective was to understand targeted B2B customer feedback and opinions on green electricity-based compressors and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The client wanted to streamline improvisation cycles as per customer requirements and map future market opportunities.

Approach and solution

Secondary research

Our team of seasoned research analysts triangulated data from different sources and databases to build a targeted list of companies and respondents for conducting B2B and industry surveys, and IDIs. Next, we shortlisted potential customers that could be interviewed.

Primary research

We conducted B2B customer feedback surveys and garnered insights across four industries of interest to identify the client’s existing and potential customer preferences and expectations in the European region. Primary research data was collected through ethical investigative methods, aligned with the interview process.

Key conclusions & insights

An in-depth report prepared in a pre-defined format including opinions from leaders across industries.

Results delivered

Sustainability landscape analysis: We provided a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability initiatives, regulations, and certifications within the European food and beverage, automotive, cement, and chemicals sectors. This information aided the client in identifying companies aligned with their CO2 emission reduction focus.

Customer opinions on green electricity-based compressors: We gathered customer insights regarding green electricity-based compressors through primary research. The research evaluated awareness levels, perceived benefits, concerns, and adoption readiness. These insights enabled product messaging and features alignment to customer expectations.

Renewable electricity procurement preferences: The survey results revealed the preferences of potential and existing customers in these industries regarding renewable electricity procurement contracts. This information guided the client in offering flexible contract options that resonate with customer preferences.

Opinions on over-the-fence solution: The B2B customers’ feedback and opinions on the client’s over-the-fence solution provided insights into the feasibility and desirability of the proposed offering. This feedback allowed the client to understand and refine their solution based on customer needs and expectations.

Preferences on GO/PPA/VPPA agreements: Understanding customer preferences regarding Guarantees of Origin(GO), Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), and Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA) enabled the client to better align their pricing models and contract structures with customer demands.

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The client was armed with valuable insights into customer preferences, market trends, and strategic opportunities, enhancing their decision-making process.

By leveraging these insights distilled from well-rounded B2B customer feedback, clients gain the ability to enhance their products, optimize their marketing strategies, make well-informed business choices, and establish themselves as industry pioneers in delivering sustainable solutions across various sectors such as food and beverage, automotive, cement, and chemicals.

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