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With rising pressures to control costs and improve efficiency, Netscribes helps companies in the media and information industry to optimize their services by providing reliable data, information, and content support. We are a leading provider of market, patent, technology, and financial data across a range of industries. Our data is backed by rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, desk research, IP research, and social media monitoring. Global media, information, market research, and consulting firms rely on Netscribes’ customized market intelligence and content services for all their research and insight needs.

How we can help

information firms

Information Providers

Get specialized data across a broad range of industries to support your customers’ information and analysis needs. We meet the research requirements to ensure the smooth functioning of the most trusted intelligence products in the world.

Advertising and PR

Media Companies

Reach the new-age consumer and drive engagement among larger audiences with in-depth consumer research and insights. We combine quantitative and qualitative research and social media listening and analytics to provide the most accurate insights that drive enhanced outcomes.

market research and consulting firms

Market Research & Consulting Firms

We capture the evolving market trends and build industry-specific thought leadership across different sectors and regions. We also provide reliable data and insights to meet your business development requirements.


Law Firms

We conduct legal research focused on past data to provide insights and solutions. We also provide legal services, such as contract drafting review and management, litigation support services such as e-discovery, document coding and review, patent drafting, patent prosecution, prior-art searches, validity/invalidity searches, and IP portfolio management.


Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market research and analysis, using primary and secondary research, to aid strategic decision making

Data and Information Services

Information Services

Detailed, accurate and timely data and information based on integrated research approaches

E-Commerce and content solution

Content Services

Industry-specific thought leadership articles, research reports, and social media content

social media analytics

Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

Keep a pulse on the latest consumer trends, social sentiment and consumer voices across social media platforms


  • Ensure greater success of your programs through timely, reliable research
  • Reduce overhead costs associated with in-house research, development, and presentation of information
  • Make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage with timely, accurate and easily-accessible information about markets, audiences, competitors, and vendors
  • Target quality prospects through comprehensive, enhanced databases

Why us?

We provide data and information with an emphasis on operational excellence. We utilize multiple data sources for gathering intelligence, including qualitative and quantitative research, patent and desk research, and social media analysis to meet the varied research needs that companies have. Our deep understanding of the market and ability to provide accurate data and information at scale helps you achieve higher success rates from your business and product development initiatives.

    Increase profitability and improve operational efficiency by outsourcing your research and communication activities

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