Professional Services

With rising pressures to control costs and improve efficiency, Netscribes helps optimize your professional services by providing research, communication, and decision-making support. We are a leading provider of market, business, patent, and financial research; information management, and research-based content for a range of businesses and sectors. Our research is backed by rigorous, fact-based quantitative and qualitative analysis; desk research, IP research, and social media analysis. Global media, information, market research, and consulting firms rely on Netscribes’ customized market intelligence and content services to reduce costs and improve efficiency in gathering knowledge and insights and developing research-based content.

Business roles we support

market research and consulting firms

Market Research & Consulting Firms

We gather and analyze information about existing market trends, deduce macro-level trends, provide company and industry profiles, and help in packaging this information into various formats such as newsletters, presentations, reports, and whitepapers. We also build accurate and up-to-date business databases to help you provide intelligence and insights for your customers.

law firms

Law Firms

We conduct legal research focused on past data to provide insights and solutions. We also provide legal services, such as contract drafting review and management, litigation support services such as e-discovery, document coding and review, patent drafting, patent prosecution, prior-art searches, validity/invalidity searches and IP portfolio management.

information firms

Information & Media Firms

Get specialized data across a broad range of industries to support your customers’ information and analysis need. We work with global information and media firms to enrich their databases and provide business intelligence, media monitoring, and digital content at scale.

Advertising and PR

Advertising & PR

We deliver market and competitive intelligence to help you develop successful communication strategies. Our social media and content services help you understand consumer sentiment, measure campaign effectiveness, improve share of voice on social media and develop high-impact communications.


Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market and competitive research to aid strategic decision making, product development, and marketing

Data and Information Services

Information Services

Detailed, accurate and timely data and information based on primary, desk and IP research

Social Media and content Services

Social Media & Content Services

Content development and management, social media monitoring and data analysis

E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce product content solutions to improve the quality of product listings and deliver a superior customer experience

Syndicated Research

Syndicated Research

Off-the-shelf research reports for a wide spectrum of industries, covering emerging market assessments, competitive landscape, regulatory changes and more

What you get

  • Reduce overhead costs associated with in-house research, development, and presentation of information
  • Make better decisions and gain competitive advantage with timely, accurate and easily accessible information about markets, customers, and competitors
  • Target quality prospects through comprehensive, improved databases

Our approach

We provide data and information with an emphasis on operational excellence. We utilize multiple data sources for gathering intelligence, including qualitative and quantitative research, patent and desk research, and social media analysis. Clients benefit from improved data analysis and timely reporting and delivery. Our strict quality-check policy ensures that you always get nothing less than 100% accurate data.

Increase profitability and improve operational efficiency by outsourcing your research and communication activities

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