Market Research & Analysis

Netscribes offers independent and customized research services to fulfill the strategic business needs of companies across the globe. We utilize a combination of various research approaches and advanced tools to derive all the knowledge you need for meeting your unique requirements. Having successfully conducted more than 2000 research projects for over 600 clients globally, Netscribes is a reliable market intelligence company you can trust for all your research needs.

primary research

Primary Research

First-hand information on global B2B and B2C markets by way of online and in-person interviews and surveys

secondary research

Secondary Research

Insights based on the information collected from premium and public repositories and other secondary sources, such as company websites, news articles, and more

ip research

IP Research

Analysis of patent and scientific literature using automated tools and access to global databases for competitor analysis, sector analysis, and technology assessment

social media analytics

Social Media Analytics

Analysis of information collected on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and other social platforms to gather consumer insights and feedback

Our Services

market assessment

Market Assessment

Keep pace with the trends through an in-depth understanding of the market forces and competitive landscape changes.

Market landscapingMarket landscaping

Market share measurementMarket share measurement

Market sizingMarket sizing

Go to market strategyGo-to-market strategy

Partner identificationPartner identification and selection

customer insights

Customer Research & Insights

Understand the ever-evolving needs of your customers and anticipate emerging trends to best leverage opportunities and win the market.

Consumer landscapeBrand insights

Consumer segmentationMarket segmentation

New customer identificationCustomer satisfaction and loyalty analysis

Customer preferenceConcept testing

SWOT analysis Pricing research

Competitor activity monitoring Campaign effectiveness and measurement



competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Know what your competitors are up to and identify ways to differentiate and improve your competitive position.

Competitor profilingCompetitor profiling

Competitive benchmarkingCompetitive benchmarking

Competitor activity monitoringCompetitor activity monitoring

SWOT analysisSWOT analysis

bespoke market research services

Custom Research

We conduct market research tailored to your needs using one or a combination of research methods.


  • Actionable and timely insights based on primary and secondary research, patent and social media analytics
  • Tap into global as well as high-profile, difficult-to-reach market segments
  • Continuous market and competitive intelligence to support decision-making
  • Get the most comprehensive and accurate insights with our ability to integrate findings from multi-dimensional data sources
  • Ample flexibility in engagement models and deliverable formats to ensure high customer satisfaction

Why us?

Netscribes provides end-to-end research-driven solutions that help clients meet their growth objectives by collaboratively transforming information into business advantage.

in house research

In-House Research

We utilize an in-house resource model to provide our clients with actionable insights

panel expertise

Panel Expertise

Specialized panel of senior executives, analysts, and practitioners

premium database

Premium Databases

Access to extensive premium databases

global coverage

Global Coverage

Ability to conduct research across the globe in multiple languages

data visualization

Data Visualization

Ability to present complex data and concepts in crisp, easy-to-understand formats

    Uncover business opportunities and foster strategic growth with timely, actionable market research insights

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