Market Research

Whether you are an industry leader—or a new player—gleaning intelligence about your consumers, competition and evolving opportunities is critical to your success. To gain and sustain a competitive advantage, you must sharpen your brand positioning, create a loyal customer base, and expand your leads. At Netscribes, we offer relevant and timely market research services that help devise focused and incisive business insights aligned to these goals.

Our exhaustive market analysis and comprehensive appraisal of key industry benchmarks, best-of-breed research models are geared towards delivering quantifiable and innovative business solutions. Benefit from the widest gamut of business opportunities and foster strategic growth, by leveraging our keen understanding of market mobility, purchase dynamics and end-consumer experience.

Identify growth opportunities, and create value in complex, global markets with our expertise-driven consultation services

Identify markets that offer the greatest opportunity by assessing market segments, their potential and the competitive scenario

Develop a competitive strategy through insights on industry trends, critical strengths and weaknesses, and a sharp understanding of the market landscape

Netscribes also offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that spans across a wide variety of primary research-based services. With a worldwide presence, fluency in multiple languages, research experience across different countries and regions, Netscribes has the capability to gather and analyze intelligence from anywhere in the world. We have developed specialist panels in various domains and our extensive network help us to reach out to respondents across the globe.

Netscribes renders a unique combination of quantitative as well as qualitative research to provide a holistic solution that will impact the client’s business positively.

Primary Quantitative Research

  • Phone Interviewing
  • Web/Online Surveys
  • Face-to-Face Interviewing
  • Mixed-Mode Interviewing

Primary Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Executive Interviews
  • Expert Panels

Netscribes has adopted industry best practices to build a responsive and engaged panel that caters to various verticals.

Consumer Panel

Detailed insights into your customers: who they are, their attitudes and behaviors, across channels

B2B Panel

Wide variety of industries, company sizes, business titles, company volume to target B2B segment

C- Suite Panel

C-Level panelists comprise of opinion leaders, thought leaders, decision makers and policy makers

IT Panel

IT panel comprising of developers, IT professionals, IT managers, IT decision makers

HNWI Panel

HNWI panelists comprising of individuals with investable/liquid assets of more than USD 100K

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