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Research on barriers to financial protection and inclusion for select countries

Research on barriers to financial protection and inclusion for select countries

Several countries face notable barriers to financial protection and inclusion, hindering the economic well-being of their populations. Overcoming these barriers demands a multifaceted approach, involving regulatory reforms, educational initiatives, and the integration of inclusive technologies to create a more accessible and equitable financial landscape.

A global reinsurance leader partnered with Netscribes to explore societal challenges to financial protection and corporate initiatives addressing financial inclusion. By leveraging our insights, they refined their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, reinforcing focus on targeted and impactful initiatives to increase financial inclusion for vulnerable populations. Read how we did it.

Objective and challenges 

As a global leader in mortality risk it recognized the importance of understanding the root causes of financial insecurity that prevent individuals from accessing financial protection products. These causes can include poverty, lack of education, insufficient access to healthcare, and a variety of other factors.

The client also wanted to know about corporate activities that address such societal challenges. They wanted to do so to gain a better understanding of the impact that companies can have on society and identify potential areas for collaboration.

Approach and solution 

To answer key questions of this research, Netscribes conducted a secondary analysis and divided the research into two sections:

  • First, we took a top-down approach and analyzed the economic, social, technological, and demographic factors that contributed to barriers to accessing quality financial protection products in each of the mentioned countries.
  • Next, we examined supply-side bottlenecks and inefficiencies that increased financial insecurity among specific strata of the population.
  • The second part of the research focused on the steps taken by financial institutions and governments in each of these countries to mitigate the financial distress of vulnerable sections of the population and increase financial inclusion.
  • We also examined the impact of technological innovation, especially the role played by big tech, fintech, and insurtech companies in providing greater access to finance and risk protection for previously excluded populations in each of these countries.

Results and benefits 

Armed with data to inform and update its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to effectively achieve its organizational purpose, our client reinforced its focus on financial inclusion. By gaining a deeper understanding of the barriers to accessing quality financial protection products and the steps taken by financial institutions and governments to mitigate financial distress, the firm was able to develop a more targeted and impactful CSR strategy. The insights provided by Netscribes allowed the client to prioritize its efforts and resources to address the most pressing challenges faced by vulnerable populations and increase financial inclusion.

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