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Genuine competitive insights, backed by accurate, current, and complete information, are key to organizations outperforming their peers. Netscribes’ competitive intelligence services looks beyond merely monitoring the competitive landscape. We help you take the right next steps by drawing out implications and identifying opportunities for your business, which lead to a stronger performance.

With more than 20 years of expertise in the insights industry, we’ve developed best practices to collect, organize, and analyze data from diverse and complex sources.

We can support varied business scenarios based on your business needs through a combination of technology and quantitative and qualitative analysis, social listening, and IP analytics. The integrated insight we provide by combining internal and external knowledge sources enables businesses to make better decisions. This leads to more beneficial outcomes such as increased market share, competitive “win rates”, and timely awareness of competitor strategies and activities.

Netscribes’ competitive intelligence services provide detailed competitor and industry insights that can be combined with your own unique sets of data to create differentiated strategies and actions. It is specifically designed to answer questions of why one competitor is doing better than others and what opportunities lay ahead.

Our competitive intelligence services

For strategic planning

For strategic planning

  • Competitor monitoring and benchmarking
  • Competitor strategy analysis
  • Market share analysis
  • Four corner analysis
  • Profitability analysis
For innovation and product development

For innovation and product development

  • Product usage behavior analysis
  • Competitive IP analysis
  • Patent portfolio benchmarking
  • Technology assessment
  • Technology investments
For business development

For business development

  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor profiling
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Sales battle cards
  • Competitive gap analysis
For marketing

For marketing

  • Brand health tracking
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Media monitoring
  • Website benchmarking
  • SEO/keyword analysis

Multiple delivery formats

Make sense of complex competitive information through easily-consumable delivery formats.




Interactive dashboards


PowerPoint reports

excel reports

Excel reports

Helping you put competitive knowledge into action


  • View the competitive landscape as a whole through a holistic understanding of their market, product/service, and technology/innovation strategies
  • Do more than just track competitors – get an in-depth analysis of their activities for better decision-making
  • Get customized competitive intelligence reports designed to meet your specific objectives

competitive intelligence benefits

The Netscribes advantage

We understand that having the right information readily available, be it anything from sales to supply chain to finance and more, makes it easier make the right decision at the right time. Here’s why some of the world’s leading organizations rely on Netscribes’ competitive intelligence services:

Holistic view

Holistic view

View the competitive landscape as a whole through a holistic understanding of their market, product/service, and technology/innovation strategies.

Actionable intelligence

Actionable intelligence

We transform competitive data into actionable intelligence by providing answers to the ‘why?’ and ‘so what?’ to guide your action plans better.


Technology + expertise

Our ability to analyze vast volumes of information from multiple data sources at high speed and with high flexibility enables the timely assessment of risks and opportunities.



We help companies stay agile and create differential go-forward strategies through in-depth competitor research and analysis.

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