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Website competitive benchmarking study

Website competitive benchmarking study

Staying ahead of competitors is key to continued success, and competitive benchmarking analysis can provide valuable insight into where you stand against them. Our client, a major information services company, found that its competitors performed better online and wanted to know why. In order to determine the areas for improvement, it needed more than simply piecemeal, temporary solutions provided by software tools and SEO analysts. In search of a comprehensive approach, it commissioned Netscribes to conduct a competitive benchmarking analysis of their website  in terms of content, design, functionality, and effectiveness. Find out how the client made informed changes to their website based on Netscribes’ competitive benchmarking analysis.

Objective and challenges

In the fiercely competitive landscape of information services, our client recognized the pivotal role of competitive benchmarking analysis in maintaining a leading edge. With a strategic focus on continuous improvement, the client sought to benchmark themselves against four key rival websites, evaluating aspects of content, design, functionality, and overall effectiveness.

Approach and solutions

  • Netscribes embarked on a meticulous three-stage competitive analysis of the client’s website to provide comprehensive insights.
  • Technical Analysis: This stage delved into the technical framework and infrastructure, scrutinizing design, structure, social media integration, site dynamism, and the accessibility of information.
  • SEO Analysis: Netscribes assessed the website’s search engine ranking for keywords compared to rivals, identifying areas for enhancement to boost visibility.
  • Content Analysis: Analyzing content for coverage, tone, relevance to buyer personas, and frequency, Netscribes gauged the effectiveness of the client’s messaging.
  • Drawing from competitors’ best practices, Netscribes delivered summarized recommendations, outlining areas for improvement. A detailed report encapsulating the findings of a three-week comparative benchmarking study was presented to the client.

Results Delivered

  • In addition to a thorough comparative study, Netscribes offered targeted recommendations in key areas:
  • Navigation: Suggested internal cross-linking for enhanced page navigation through breadcrumbs and the menu bar.
  • Responsiveness: Advocated for website optimization for accessibility on all devices, emphasizing mobile responsiveness for a seamless user experience.
  • SEO Analysis: Advised on aligning heading tags with keyword-based strategies, optimizing images with keyword-based titles, and rewriting content to incorporate essential keywords.


The client gained profound insights into their competitive positioning, understanding specific areas for improvement. Armed with granular insights into strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors, the client could strategically focus their efforts, optimizing their online presence to surpass competition and elevate their standing in the information services sector.

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