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Understanding your market: Competitive Benchmarking and Demand Trends

Understanding your market: Competitive Benchmarking and Demand Trends

For global markets, understanding demand trends is pivotal for businesses aiming to expand their international footprint. Demand trend analysis not only unveils market dynamics but also equips organizations with the foresight needed to navigate complex scenarios. It serves as a compass, guiding strategic initiatives by providing continuous insights into market preferences, competitor landscapes, and potential growth opportunities. For industries like manufacturing and export, where staying ahead is synonymous with success, demand trend analysis becomes an indispensable tool, offering a competitive edge and steering businesses toward informed, impactful decisions.

One of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of two- and three-wheeler vehicles wanted to expand its international presence through deeper competitive insight. With our competitive benchmarking and demand trend analysis, read how they were able to drive a more focused competitive strategy and define the KPIs for its business leaders globally.

Objective and challenges 

A prominent Indian manufacturer and exporter of two and three-wheeler vehicles aspired to fortify its presence in international markets. The goal was clear: gain continuous insights into demand trends and competitive scenarios across key global markets to inform and support strategic initiatives.

Approach and solution

Netscribes undertook a comprehensive approach, identifying demand trends and benchmarking 10 competitors in 20 countries across motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. This involved analyzing the client’s export data from the last two years and supplementing it with meticulous secondary market research.

Results Delivered:

The monthly analysis reports provided a wealth of insights for each product category:

  • Identification of countries with the highest sales volume.
  • Assessment of current and forecasted market sizes in selected countries.
  • Recognition of product models with the highest demand in each country.
  • Evaluation of market share held by competitors in each country.
  • Analysis of competitors’ best-selling models based on parameters such as price, importer names, quantity, and model numbers.
  • Insight into the most in-demand models across select regions, along with customer-preferred price points.
  • Identification of prominent importers of motorcycles and three-wheelers in each country.


By taking charge of the core backend of this monthly analysis, Netscribes empowered the client to drive a focused competitive strategy across key markets. The insights garnered facilitated regional business heads in defining KPIs, analyzing competition more effectively, and making timely, relevant business decisions.

Stay ahead in the global competitive market through comprehensive competitive insights. Contact us to explore how Netscribes can elevate your strategic initiatives.
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