Why competitive intelligence research is crucial for automotive brands

competitive intelligence research in automotive


  • Competitive intelligence in the automotive industry involves collecting data on competitor strategies, market positioning, product portfolios, and pricing to gain a competitive edge.
  • Key components of competitive intelligence include vehicle platform landscape research, analysis of the competitive landscape, and tracking production capacities of automotive manufacturers.
  • The benefits of competitive intelligence include informed strategic decision-making, competitive advantage, market opportunity identification, and risk mitigation

Competitive intelligence research involves gathering insights on competitor strategies, product offerings, market positioning, pricing, marketing campaigns, and other relevant factors. Competitive intelligence helps automotive companies gain a competitive advantage by understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and activities of their competitors. By analyzing competitive intelligence data, companies can benchmark their performance, identify market gaps, uncover opportunities for differentiation, and develop strategies to outperform their rivals. This knowledge helps automotive companies make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and stay ahead in the highly competitive automotive market.

competitive intelligence research in automotive

Vehicle platform landscape research

In the realm of competitive intelligence research, vehicle platform landscape research refers to the analysis and understanding of the various vehicle platforms used by automakers. A vehicle platform, also known as vehicle architecture or vehicle platform architecture, refers to the underlying structure or framework on which different vehicle models or variants are built. It includes the shared components, chassis, powertrain, electrical systems, electronic components, and other fundamental elements that form the basis for multiple vehicle models within an automaker’s line-up.

Competitive landscape

The competitive landscape in automotive research refers to the analysis and evaluation of the players, their dynamics, and strategies within the automotive industry. Some of the key aspects considered when researching for obtaining comprehensive competitive intelligence in the automotive industry are as follows:

  • Key players in the industry
  • Product portfolio of competitors
  • Market positioning
  • Research and development investments by automakers
  • Technological analysis
  • Manufacturing and supply chain network
  • Pricing trends
  • Financial performance of automakers
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Customer perception of the brand
  • Competitive strategies

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Production capacity tracker

The Production Capacity Tracker in automotive research is used to monitor and track the production capacity of different automotive manufacturers or competitors. It provides information on the following aspects:

  • Production capabilities (at both regional and global level)
  • Capacity utilization
  • Output of individual automotive plants or facilities
  • Investment and Expansion Analysis

Benefits of competitive intelligence in the automotive space

The benefits of competitive intelligence in automotive market research include:

  • Strategic decision-making: Competitive intelligence research provides valuable insights for making informed strategic decisions related to product development, marketing, pricing, and market entry strategies.
  • Competitive advantage: By understanding competitors’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, companies can develop strategies that capitalize on market gaps and differentiate themselves from their rivals.
  • Market opportunity identification: Competitive intelligence helps identify untapped market segments, emerging trends, and potential collaboration opportunities with competitors.
  • Risk mitigation: By monitoring competitors’ activities and market trends, companies can anticipate potential risks and adapt their strategies to minimize the impact of market changes or disruptions.

Thus, it can be concluded that competitive intelligence in automotive market research is a critical tool that enables companies to gain a competitive edge in the dynamic automotive industry. By gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about competitors, companies can make informed decisions, develop products for the market, design marketing strategies or activities, and identify opportunities for growth so that they can carve out a niche for their organization.

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Based on insights by Kanika Shukla, Senior Analyst, Netscribes

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