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Market landscape analysis of safety index among Fortune 500 companies

Market landscape analysis of safety index among Fortune 500 companies

Employee safety is a critical aspect for Fortune 500 companies. Companies that invest in safety training and technology, and that create a strong safety culture, can reduce workplace accidents and injuries, improve employee morale, and boost their bottom line. A high safety index not only safeguards employees but also indicates overall organizational resilience, reducing the risk of accidents and legal issues.

In pursuit of a comprehensive understanding of safety practices among Fortune 500 companies, a global provider of cloud-based supply chain management collaborated with us. This case study delves into how we conducted a detailed analysis of Fortune 500 companies and their recorded incidents and fatalities, and the safety measures put in place by them.


The firm required in-depth insights into employee safety protocols followed at Fortune 500 companies. They sought this information to gauge the safety index at these companies and rank them based on specific parameters. The supply chain management provider partnered with Netscribes to conduct a market landscape analysis to shed better light on the prevailing
safety regulations.

Approach and solution

Our team implemented a multi-pronged research approach to offer detailed insights relevant to the client’s mission. The focus of the research was to record incidents and fatalities in the workplace of Fortune 500 companies, the number of times these incidents were reported to OSHA, and the precautions implemented by these companies to improve safety in different work environments.

To ensure holistic insights, the team sourced information from the following channels:

  • Web crawlers
  • Publicly available news articles and press releases
  • Scanning various social media platforms
  • Analysis of data from incidents reported to OSHA

Results and benefits

Information regarding workplace safety was gathered through reported data from OSHA or incidents announced through press releases. Based on the set parameters, Netscribes created a benchmarking model by applying weights to different parameters, thereby ranking the different companies.

Armed with this information, the client gained an in-depth understanding of the safety parameters across its market landscape and the regulations implemented by Fortune 500 companies to reduce casualties in their work environment.

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