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Supply-side ecosystem and pricing analysis: Voluntary carbon offset market

A global energy and petrochemical company with a presence in over 90 countries entrusted us with the objective of developing a comprehensive understanding of the supply side of the voluntary carbon offset (VCO) market. The carbon offset market ecosystem is a complex network of entities and mechanisms designed to address the issue of carbon emissions and their impact on climate change. The goal of this ecosystem is to facilitate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by promoting projects and activities that help offset carbon emissions.


Our goal was to unravel the intricacies of this ecosystem and shed light on the prevalent competitive pricing analysis.To achieve this, we adopted a multi-faceted approach that combined secondary research, primary research, and expert interviews. Through meticulous desk research and a thorough review of reference materials shared by the client, we curated a wealth of information from reputable sources and industry reports.


With the input of four stakeholders, four industry experts, and forty-one market participants, we broadened our perspective and strengthened our analysis. Our analysis delved into the various factors influencing credit pricing, such as volume, project deal size, certification standards, vintages, co-benefits, and buyers’ location. By examining these parameters, we provided detailed insights into the range of pricing observed in the market, key drivers affecting pricing variability, and future pricing trends across different categories.


To get the full picture of our insights and market research services that helped the company navigate the voluntary carbon offset market, download the case study.

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