In the face of insurtech and rising challenges due to new market entrants and shifting customer expectations, Netscribes helps you stay ahead with in-depth consumer research and custom market and competitive intelligence. Develop customer-focused products and drive profitable growth through our quantitative and qualitative research capabilities and services such as thought leadership and online reputation management. Our experience of over 10 years in tracking the insurance industry makes us the trusted choice of some of the world’s largest insurance, reinsurance, and insurance-brokerage firms. Clients use our services to assess market needs, explore new market entry opportunities, gain competitive intelligence for products, understand customer buying behavior, identify processes and technologies impacting the dynamics of the insurance industry, and more.

How we help


Market Research & Analysis

We assess the market dynamics, track market trends and competition, and help clients in identifying market opportunities using primary and secondary research. We support all your market research needs by tracking competitive activity, including strategic partnerships, M&A, investments, technology adoption, and product launches; identifying the potential market size, customer segments, and opportunities for growth; conducting company assessments (including SWOT) and analyzing the regulatory landscape and need-gaps to assess new market opportunities.



Strategic Initiatives

We help you improve products and the online experience, design market strategies, and position your products better than the competition by carrying out product and concept testing, analyzing competitor strategies, consumer perception, and the decision-making process, and identifying the right channel partners.



Marketing & Communications

Optimize your marketing efforts by utilizing our content development and social media services. We create relevant and engaging thought leadership content, leverage social media platforms to promote your services and products, develop engaging newsletters, and monitor and analyze social channels to inform strategic planning.



Customer Service

We monitor social media platforms for customer feedback and discussions to help you respond to customer queries quickly, manage crisis and protect your brand reputation online.




Market Intelligence

Get an in-depth understanding of the present market conditions and technology landscape on an ongoing basis to inform business decisions



Competitive Intelligence

Stay on top of competitor products and service launches, strategic investments and partnerships, distribution channels, target markets, and more to formulate better business strategies



Consumer Research

Ensure successful product launch and product positioning through in-depth customer assessment studies based on consumer surveys, interviews, and in-depth secondary research



Content & Social Media Services

Position and differentiate your offering effectively and increase your online visibility with our research-led content services



Sales Intelligence

Get detailed information about key accounts to support targeted sales and marketing efforts



Real-Time Intelligence

Get real-time industry updates and reports in a single place using Netscribes’ Onsense platform


What you get

  • The most rigorous, fact-based analysis to support key business decisions and corporate strategy planning
  • Intensive market, customer and competitive analysis to support product and pricing decisions
  • Know and respond to what customers are talking about your products and services on social media
  • Effectively communicate your value proposition through relevant and engaging thought leadership content

Our Approach

We provide independent market and competitive intelligence services that utilize a variety of sources, including primary research,
desk-based research, social media, and proprietary non-public sources of data. Clients trust us for our:

superior-research Superior research and process expertise

data-quality Data quality and accuracy

track-record Proven track record of working with global insurance companies

skilled-research Skilled researchers with over 15 years of experience

effective-policies Effective policies on data privacy

robust Robust IT infrastructure

Create winning products with in-depth customer and competitive insights

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