Growth in the healthcare industry comes from a sustainable differential advantage. Establishing
differentiation based on product, market, cost or brand value is what sets the winners apart from the rest. We uncover differentiation opportunities for healthcare providers through comprehensive market research and analysis. Using qualitative and quantitative approaches, we offer strategic direction to healthcare providers for seizing market opportunities and outpacing the competition.

Netscribes provides full-service healthcare market research services to global firms across varied
healthcare domains – pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, health insurance, consumer, and animal healthcare. With experience working across more than 57 countries, 86 specialties and 60 medical conditions and ailments, we couple local expertise
with rich insight from carefully verified Physicians, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Administrators, KOLs, Payers and Patients.

How we can help

Market Research & Analysis

Market and Competitive Intelligence

We track and analyze market trends and competitive activities to help you identify global opportunities and maximize growth.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategy & Business Development

We provide intelligence to support go-to-market strategies and product introduction through in-depth market and competitive assessments and customer analysis.

Research and Development

Research & Development

We provide IP research support to pharma and healthcare companies by conducting prior-art searches, freedom-to-operate assessments, patent valuation analysis, among others.

What you get

  • Capture the growth opportunities in emerging markets with our market access, pricing, and reimbursement expertise
  • Gain commercial success for your innovations with our unmatched research insights that uncover the patent activity, market dynamics, purchase behavior, and competitors’ clinical strategies
  • Develop winning strategies with our unparalleled competitive intelligence throughout the product lifecycle – from research through commercialization

Our approach

Netscribes uses a unique combination of primary research expertise and traditional desk research, to provide actionable insights and maximize customer value. With a worldwide presence, fluency in multiple languages, research experience across different regions, Netscribes has the capability to gather and analyze intelligence from anywhere in the world. We have developed specialist panels in various domains and our extensive network helps us to reach out to respondents across the globe.

We conduct healthcare market research using both online and offline channels, including:

face-to-faceF2F interviews

telephonic Telephonic interviews CATI / CAWI

in-depth-interview In-depth interviews

executive-interview Executive interviews

expert-panels Expert panels

premium-databases Premium databases

open-sources Open sources/company announcements

social-media Social media intelligence

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